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fluids-04-00005.pdf.jpg8-Jan-2019An Accurate Finite Element Method for the Numerical Solution of Isothermal and Incompressible Flow of Viscous FluidAbali, Bilen Emek-
Abali_Barchiesi_Additive_2020.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2020Additive manufacturing introduced substructure and computational determination of metamaterials parameters by means of the asymptotic homogenizationAbali, Bilen Emek; Barchiesi, Emilio-
1-Jan-2021Commented translation of Erwin Schrödinger’s paper ‘On the dynamics of elastically coupled point systems’ (Zur Dynamik elastisch gekoppelter Punktsysteme)Mühlich, Uwe; Abali, Bilen Emek; dell’Isola, Francesco-
Abali-2019-PAMM.pdf.jpg4-Sep-2019Coupling and computation of electromagnetism and mechanicsAbali, Bilen Emek-
fbioe-07-00037.pdf.jpg8-Mar-2019Drug Delivery From Polymer-Based Nanopharmaceuticals—An Experimental Study Complemented by Simulations of Selected Diffusion ProcessesMacha, Innocent J.; Ben-Nissan, Besim; Vilchevskaya, Elena N.; Morozova, Anna S.; Abali, Bilen Emek; Müller, Wolfgang H.; Rickert, Wilhelm-
Abali_Savaş_Experimental_2020.pdf.jpg11-Aug-2020Experimental validation of computational fluid dynamics for solving isothermal and incompressible viscous fluid flowAbali, Bilen Emek; Savaş, Ömer-
applsci-08-01354-v2.pdf.jpg12-Aug-2018Inverse analysis of cellulose by using the energy-based method and a rotational rheometerAbali, Bilen Emek-
zamm.202000277.pdf.jpg8-Jan-2021Inverse analysis of metamaterials and parameter determination by means of an automatized optimization problemShekarchizadeh, Navid; Abali, Bilen Emek; Barchiesi, Emilio; Bersani, Alberto Maria-
Abali_etal_Thermo-mechano-chemical_2020.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2020Thermo-mechano-chemical modeling and computation of thermosetting polymers used in post-installed fastening systems in concrete structuresAbali, Bilen Emek; Vorel, Jan; Wan-Wendner, Roman-
abali_bilen emek.pdf.jpg28-Mar-2014Thermodynamically compatible modeling, determination of material parameters, and numerical analysis of nonlinear rheological materialsAbali, Bilen Emek-
abali_bilen_emek.pdf.jpg2019Thermodynamik der deformierbaren Festkörper unter Einfluss des Elektromagnetismus und die numerische Berechnung multiphysikalischer ProzesseAbali, Bilen Emek-
Georgievskii_et_al-2019-ZAMM.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2019Thin‐layer inertial effects in plasticity and dynamics in the Prandtl problemGeorgievskii, Dmitri V.; Müller, Wolfgang H.; Abali, Bilen Emek-