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chung_etal_2021.pdf.jpg23-Jan-2021Effect of different expanded aggregates on durability-related characteristics of lightweight aggregate concreteChung, Sang-Yeop; Sikora, Pawel; Kim, Dong Joo; El Madawy, Mohamed E.; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed-
applsci-07-00585.pdf.jpg7-Jun-2017Effect of Different Gradings of Lightweight Aggregates on the Properties of ConcreteChung, Sang-Yeop; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed; Stephan, Dietmar-
materials-13-02632-v2.pdf.jpg9-Jun-2020The Effect of Lightweight Concrete Cores on the Thermal Performance of Vacuum Insulation PanelsChung, Sang-Yeop; Sikora, Pawel; Stephan, Dietmar; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed-
materials-13-05800-v2.pdf.jpg18-Dec-2020The Effects of Temperature Curing on the Strength Development, Transport Properties, and Freeze-Thaw Resistance of Blast Furnace Slag Cement Mortars Modified with NanosilicaFederowicz, Karol; Figueiredo, Vitoria Alves; Al-kroom, Hussein; Abdel-Gawwad, Hamdy A.; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed; Sikora, Pawel-
materials-10-01354.pdf.jpg25-Nov-2017Evaluation of the effects of crushed and expanded waste glass aggregates on the material properties of lightweight concrete using image-based approachesChung, Sang-Yeop; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed; Sikora, Pawel; Rucinska, Teresa; Horszczaruk, Elzbieta; Stephan, Dietmar-
nanomaterials-08-00465.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2018The influence of nanomaterials on the thermal resistance of cement-based composites – a reviewPawel, Sikora; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed; Stephan, Dietmar-
materials-12-03078.pdf.jpg21-Sep-2019Influence of Nanosilica on Mechanical Properties, Sorptivity, and Microstructure of Lightweight ConcreteAbd Elrahman, Mohamed; Chung, Sang-Yeop; Sikora, Pawel; Rucinska, Teresa; Stephan, Dietmar-
crystals-10-00023-v2.pdf.jpg6-Jan-2020An Investigation of the Mechanical and Physical Characteristics of Cement Paste Incorporating Different Air Entraining Agents using X-ray Micro-Computed TomographyAbd Elrahman, Mohamed; El Madawy, Mohamed E.; Chung, Sang-Yeop; Majer, Stanisław; Youssf, Osama; Sikora, Pawel-
applsci-07-00550.pdf.jpg26-May-2017Pore Characteristics and Their Effects on the Material Properties of Foamed Concrete Evaluated Using Micro-CT Images and Numerical ApproachesChung, Sang-Yeop; Lehmann, Christian; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed; Stephan, Dietmar-
applsci-09-01447.pdf.jpg6-Apr-2019Preparation and Characterization of Ultra-Lightweight Foamed Concrete Incorporating Lightweight AggregatesAbd Elrahman, Mohamed; El Madawy, Mohamed E.; Chung, Sang-Yeop; Sikora, Pawel; Stephan, Dietmar-
strzalkowski_etal_2021.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2021Thermal performance of building envelopes with structural layers of the same density: Lightweight aggregate concrete versus foamed concreteStrzałkowski, Jarosław; Sikora, Pawel; Chung, Sang-Yeop; Abd Elrahman, Mohamed-