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thiele_etal_2021.pdf.jpg19-May-2021High-cell-density fed-batch cultivations of Vibrio natriegensThiele, Isabel; Gutschmann, Björn; Aulich, Linus; Girard, Marcel; Neubauer, Peter; Riedel, Sebastian L.-
bioengineering-06-00085.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2019In-Line Monitoring of Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) Production during High-Cell-Density Plant Oil Cultivations Using Photon Density Wave SpectroscopyGutschmann, Björn; Schiewe, Thomas; Weiske, Manon T.H.; Neubauer, Peter; Hass, Roland; Riedel, Sebastian L.-
Saad_etal_Low-quality_2021.pdf.jpg26-Dec-2020Low-quality animal by-product streams for the production of PHA-biopolymers: fats, fat/protein-emulsions and materials with high ash content as low-cost feedstocksSaad, Victoria; Gutschmann, Björn; Grimm, Thomas; Widmer, Torsten; Neubauer, Peter; Riedel, Sebastian L.-
fbioe-08-00944.pdf.jpg7-Aug-2020Recovery of the PHA Copolymer P(HB-co-HHx) With Non-halogenated Solvents: Influences on Molecular Weight and HHx-ContentBartels, Moritz; Gutschmann, Björn; Widmer, Torsten; Grimm, Thomas; Neubauer, Peter; Riedel, Sebastian L.-
Gutschmann_etal_Untargeted_2021.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2021Untargeted metabolomics analysis of Ralstonia eutropha during plant oil cultivations reveals the presence of a fucose salvage pathwayGutschmann, Björn; Bock, Martina C. E.; Jahns, Stefan; Neubauer, Peter; Brigham, Christopher J.; Riedel, Sebastian L.-
Schäpe et al. 2018.pdf.jpg2018Updating genome annotation for the microbial cell factory Aspergillus niger using gene co-expression networksSchäpe, Paul; Kwon, Min Jin; Baumann, Birgit; Gutschmann, Björn; Jung, Sascha; Lenz, Swantje; Nitsche, Benjamin; Paege, Norman; Schütze, Tabea; Cairns, Timothy C.; Meyer, Vera-