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spranger_etal_2018.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2018Build-up strategies for additive manufacturing of three dimensional Ti-6Al-4V-parts produced by laser metal depositionSpranger, Felix; Graf, Benjamin; Schuch, Michael; Hilgenberg, Kai; Rethmeier, Michael-
metals-10-01546-v2.pdf.jpg20-Nov-2020Experimental Determination of the Emissivity of Powder Layers and Bulk Material in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Using Infrared Thermography and ThermocouplesMohr, Gunther; Nowakowski, Susanna; Altenburg, Simon J.; Maierhofer, Christiane; Hilgenberg, Kai-
1-s2.0-S1875389216301456-main.pdf.jpg2016High Power Laser Beam Welding of Thick-walled Ferromagnetic Steels with Electromagnetic Weld Pool SupportFritzsche, André; Avilov, Vjaceslav; Gumenyuk, Andrey; Hilgenberg, Kai; Rethmeier, Michael-
metals-10-00103.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2020In-Situ Defect Detection in Laser Powder Bed Fusion by Using Thermography and Optical Tomography—Comparison to Computed TomographyMohr, Gunther; Altenburg, Simon J.; Ulbricht, Alexander; Heinrich, Philipp; Baum, Daniel; Maierhofer, Christiane; Hilgenberg, Kai-
fritzsche_etal_2020.pdf.jpg29-Apr-2020Influence of welding parameters on electromagnetic supported degassing of die-casted and wrought aluminumFritzsche, André; Hilgenberg, Kai; Rethmeier, Michael-
metals-10-01447-v2.pdf.jpg29-Oct-2020Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Controlled Weld Pool Displacement by Electromagnetic Forces for Joining Dissimilar MaterialsHeßmann, Jennifer; Bachmann, Marcel; Hilgenberg, Kai-
metals-11-01063-v2.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2021Process Induced Preheating in Laser Powder Bed Fusion Monitored by Thermography and Its Influence on the Microstructure of 316L Stainless Steel PartsMohr, Gunther; Sommer, Konstantin; Knobloch, Tim; Altenburg, Simon J.; Recknagel, Sebastian; Bettge, Dirk; Hilgenberg, Kai-