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sustainability-12-01136.pdf.jpg5-Feb-2020Creating sustainable meals supported by the NAHGAST online tool—approach and effects on GHG emissions and use of natural resourcesSpeck, Melanie; Bienge, Katrin; Wagner, Lynn; Engelmann, Tobias; Schuster, Sebastian; Teitscheid, Petra; Langen, Nina-
2017_langen_et-al.pdf.jpg2017Determinants of plate leftovers in one German catering companyLorenz, Bettina A.; Hartmann, Monika; Hirsch, Stefan; Kanz, Olga; Langen, Nina-
insects-13-00121.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2022Edible Insects as Food–Insect Welfare and Ethical Aspects from a Consumer PerspectiveDelvendahl, Nora; Rumpold, Birgit A.; Langen, Nina-
s7.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2019Employee roles in sustainability transformation processes: A move away from expertise and towards experience-driven sustainability managementSüßbauer, Elisabeth; Maas-Deipenbrock, Rina Marie; Friedrich, Silke; Kreß-Ludwig, Michael; Langen, Nina; Muster, Viola-
sustainability-14-06295-v2.pdf.jpg21-May-2022Jumping on the Bandwagon of Responsibility—Or Not? Consumers’ Perceived Role in the Meat SectorKlink-Lehmann, Jeanette; Langen, Nina; Simons, Johannes; Hartmann, Monika-
langen_etal_2022.pdf.jpg19-Jan-2022Nudges for more sustainable food choices in the out-of-home catering sector applied in real-world labsLangen, Nina; Ohlhausen, Pascal; Steinmeier, Fara; Friedrich, Silke; Engelmann, Tobias; Speck, Melanie; Damerau, Kerstin; Bienge, Katrin; Rohn, Holger; Teitscheid, Petra-
foods-09-00045.pdf.jpg3-Jan-2020The Role of Trust in Explaining Food Choice: Combining Choice Experiment and Attribute Best−Worst ScalingYeh, Ching-Hua; Hartmann, Monika; Langen, Nina-
Ohlhausen_Langen_Spontaneous_2021.pdf.jpg14-Jan-2021Spontaneous variety-seeking meal choice in business canteens impedes sustainable productionOhlhausen, Pascal; Langen, Nina-
sustainability-10-00562-v2.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2018Sustainability Assessment of Out-of-Home Meals: Potentials and Challenges of Applying the Indicator sets NAHGAST Meal-Basic and NAHGAST Meal-ProEngelmann, Tobias; Speck, Melanie; Rohn, Holger; Bienge, Katrin; Langen, Nina; Howell, Eva; Göbel, Christine; Friedrich, Silke; Teitscheid, Petra; Bowry, Jaya; Liedtke, Christa; Monetti, Silvia-
foods-09-00557-v2.pdf.jpg2-May-2020When A Combination of Nudges Decreases Sustainable Food Choices Out-of-Home—The Example of Food Decoys and Descriptive Name LabelsOhlhausen, Pascal; Langen, Nina-