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muschik_hoffmann_2006.pdf.jpg2006Endoreversible Thermodynamics: A Tool for Simulating and Comparing Processes of Discrete SystemsMuschik, Wolfgang; Hoffmann, Karl Heinz-
triani_etal_2008.pdf.jpg2008Exploitation of the Second Law: Coleman–Noll and Liu Procedure in ComparisonTriani, Vita; Papenfuss, Christina; Cimmelli, Vito A.; Muschik, Wolfgang-
muschik_1998.pdf.jpg1998Irreversibility and Second LawMuschik, Wolfgang-
muschik_badescu_2008.pdf.jpg2008Irreversible Jaynes Engine for More Efficient HeatingMuschik, Wolfgang; Badescu, Viorel-
entropy-20-00081-v2.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2018Macroscopic Internal Variables and Mesoscopic Theory: A Comparison Considering Liquid CrystalsPapenfuss, Christina; Muschik, Wolfgang-
10.1515.JNETDY.2004.006.pdf.jpg2004Mesoscopic theory of liquid crystalsMuschik, Wolfgang; Papenfuss, Christina; Ehrentraut, Harald-
Radzikowska_Kotowski_Muschik_2001.pdf.jpg2001A Nonequilibrium Evolution Criterion for Electromagnetic BodiesRadzikowska, Eugenia; Kotowski, Romuald; Muschik, Wolfgang-
10.1515.JNETDY.2004.012.pdf.jpg2004Remarks on thermodynamical terminologyMuschik, Wolfgang-
entropy-20-00740.pdf.jpg28-Sep-2018Second Law and Non-Equilibrium Entropy of Schottky Systems—Doubts and Verification−Muschik, Wolfgang-
bauer_muschik_1998.pdf.jpg1998Second Law Induced Existence Conditions for Isothermal 2-Phase Region Cyclic Processes in Binary MixturesBauer, W. D.; Muschik, Wolfgang-
papenfuß_etal_1995.pdf.jpg1995A Simplified Thermodynamic Theory for Biaxial NematicsPapenfuß, Christina; Verhás, Jozsef; Muschik, Wolfgang-
10.1515.JNETDY.2004.053.pdf.jpg2004Thermodynamic interaction between two discrete systems in non-equilibriumMuschik, Wolfgang; Berezovski, Arkadi-
lebon_etal_1998.pdf.jpg1998Weakly Nonlocal And Nonlinear Heat Transport In Rigid SolidsLebon, Georgy; Jou, David; Casas-Vázquez, José; Muschik, Wolfgang-