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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
2016Maintaining Mobility in Substantial Urban Growth FuturesMoeckel, Rolf; Nagel, Kai-
2016MATSim Data ContainersRieser, Marcel; Nagel, Kai; Horni, Andreas-
Laemmel_etal_2009.pdf.jpg2009The MATSim Network Flow Model for Traffic Simulation Adapted to Large-Scale Emergency Egress and an Application to the Evacuation of the Indonesian City of Padang in Case of a Tsunami WarningLämmel, Gregor; Klüpfel, Hubert; Nagel, Kai-
balmer_etal_2009.pdf.jpg2009MATSim-T : Architecture and Simulation TimesBalmer, Michael; Rieser, Marcel; Meister, Konrad; Charypar, David; Lefebvre, Nicolas; Nagel, Kai-
gloor_etal_2005.pdf.jpg2005A Message-Based Framework for Real-World Mobility SimulationsGloor, Christian; Cavens, Duncan; Nagel, Kai-
MATSim_Kap51_2016.pdf.jpg2016Microeconomic Interpretation of MATSim for Benefit-Cost AnalysisKickhöfer, Benjamin; Nagel, Kai-
Neumann_etal_2016.pdf.jpg2016Mind the Gap – Passenger Arrival Patterns in Multi-agent SimulationsNeumann, Andreas; Kaddoura, Ihab; Nagel, Kai-
kickhoefer_etal_2018.pdf.jpg2018Mind the price gap: How optimal emission pricing relates to the EU CO2 reduction targetsKickhöfer, Benjamin; Agarwal, Amit; Nagel, Kai-
Illenberger_etal_2011.pdf.jpg2011A Model of Risk-Sensitive Route-Choice Behavior and the Potential Benefit of Route GuidanceIllenberger, Johannes; Flötteröd, Gunnar; Nagel, Kai-
floetteroed_nagel_2006.pdf.jpg2006Modeling and Estimation of Combined Route and Activity Location ChoiceFlötteröd, Gunnar; Nagel, Kai-
1-s2.0-S1877050917311043-main.pdf.jpg2017Modeling bicycle traffic in an agent-based transport simulationZiemke, Dominik; Metzler, Simon; Nagel, Kai-
marchal_nagel_2005.pdf.jpg2005Modeling Location Choice of Secondary Activities with a Social Network of Cooperative AgentsMarchal, Fabrice; Nagel, Kai-
agarwal_etal_2016.pdf.jpg2016Modelling Backward Travelling Holes in Mixed Traffic Conditions Using an Agent Based SimulationAgarwal, Amit; Lämmel, Gregor; Nagel, Kai-
MATSim_Kap4_2016.pdf.jpg2016More About Configuring MATSimHorni, Andreas; Nagel, Kai-
2009Multi-agent traffic simulation with CUDAStrippgen, David; Nagel, Kai-
nagel_etal_2008.pdf.jpg2008Multi-agent transport simulations and economic evaluationNagel, Kai; Grether, Dominik; Beuck, Ulrike; Chen, Yu; Rieser, Marcel; Axhausen, Kay W.-
2008Network breakdown “at the edge of chaos” in multi-agent traffic simulationsRieser, Marcel; Nagel, Kai-
zilske_neumann_nagel.pdf.jpg2011OpenStreetMap for traffic simulationZilske, Michael; Neumann, Andreas; Nagel, Kai-
dressler_etal_2011.pdf.jpg2011Optimal Evacuation Solutions for Large-Scale ScenariosDressler, Daniel; Flötteröd, Gunnar; Lämmel, Gregor; Nagel, Kai; Skutella, Martin-
2016Organization: Development Process, Code Structure and Contributing to MATSimRieser, Marcel; Horni, Andreas; Nagel, Kai-