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hitz_etal_2019.pdf.jpg31-Oct-2019Comparison of macro- and microscopic solutions of the Riemann problem I. Supercritical shock tube and expansion into vacuumHitz, Timon; Heinen, Matthias; Vrabec, Jadran; Munz, Claus-Dieter-
pantoja_etal_2018.pdf.jpg16-Oct-2018Composition dependent transport diffusion in non-ideal mixtures from spatially resolved nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyPantoja, Christian F.; Muñoz-Muñoz, Y. Mauricio; Guastar, Lorraine; Vrabec, Jadran; Wist, Julien-
linnemann_etal_2019.pdf.jpg21-Jun-2019Design and test of a multi-coil helical evaporator for a high temperature organic Rankine cycle plant driven by biogas waste heatLinnemann, Matthias; Priebe, Klaus-Peter; Herres, Gerhard; Wolff, Carsten; Vrabec, Jadran-
22-Apr-2020Dielectric constant and density of aqueous alkali halide solutions by molecular dynamics: A force field assessmentSaric, Denis; Kohns, Maximillian; Vrabec, Jadran-
acs.iecr.8b04385.pdf.jpg26-Oct-2018Diffusion Coefficients of a Highly Nonideal Ternary Liquid Mixture: Cyclohexane–Toluene–MethanolJanzen, Tatjana; Vrabec, Jadran-
spencer_etal_2018.pdf.jpg21-Dec-2018Diffusion limited evaporation of a binary liquid filmChatwell, René Spencer; Heinen, Matthias; Vrabec, Jadran-
s41598-019-44687-1.pdf.jpg11-Jun-2019Diffusion of methane in supercritical carbon dioxide across the Widom lineGuevara-Carrion, Gabriela; Ancherbak, Sergiy; Mialdun, Aliaksandr; Vrabec, Jadran; Shevtsova, Valentina-
forte_etal_2019.pdf.jpg8-Jan-2019Digitalization in ThermodynamicsForte, Esther; Jirasek, Fabian; Bortz, Michael; Burger, Jakob; Vrabec, Jadran; Hasse, Hans-
kozlova_etal_2019.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2019Do ternary liquid mixtures exhibit negative main Fick diffusion coefficients?Kozlova, S.; Mialdun, Aliaksandr; Ryzhkov, I.; Janzen, Tatjana; Vrabec, Jadran; Shevtsova, Valentina-
29-Jul-2019Evaporation sampled by stationary molecular dynamics simulationHeinen, Matthias; Vrabec, Jadran-
linnemann_etal_2020.pdf.jpg14-Jan-2020Experimental investigation of a cascaded organic Rankine cycle plant for the utilization of waste heat at high and low temperature levelsLinnemann, Matthias; Priebe, Klaus-Peter; Heim, André; Wolff, Carsten; Vrabec, Jadran-
12-Aug-2019Henry’s Law Constant of Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon in Ternary Aqueous Alcoholic Solvent MixturesMalviya, Abhigyan; Vrabec, Jadran-
7-Oct-2019Henry’s Law Constant of Noble Gases in Water, Methanol, Ethanol, and Isopropanol by Experiment and Molecular SimulationLinnemann, Matthias; Nikolaychuk, Pavel Anatolyevich; Muñoz-Muñoz, Y. Mauricio; Baumhögger, Elmar; Vrabec, Jadran-
fingerhut_vrabec_2019.pdf.jpg13-Dec-2018Kirkwood-Buff integration: A promising route to entropic properties?Fingerhut, Robin; Vrabec, Jadran-
8-Jun-2019Molecular Modeling and Simulation: Force Field Development, Evaporation Processes and Thermophysical Properties of MixturesJanzen, Tatjana; Fingerhut, Robin; Heinen, Matthias; Köster, Andreas; Muñoz-Muñoz, Y. Mauricio; Vrabec, Jadran-
stephan_etal_2019.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2019MolMod – an open access database of force fields for molecular simulations of fluidsStephan, Simon; Horsch, Martin T.; Vrabec, Jadran; Hasse, Hans-
8-Jun-2019PetaFLOP Molecular Dynamics for Engineering ApplicationsNeumann, Philipp; Tchipev, Nikola; Seckler, Steffen; Heinen, Matthias; Vrabec, Jadran; Bungartz, Hans-Joachim-
22-Jul-2019Thermodynamic factor of quaternary mixtures from Kirkwood–Buff integrationFingerhut, Robin; Herres, Gerhard; Vrabec, Jadran-
thol_etal_2019.pdf.jpg3-May-2019Thermodynamic Properties of Dodecamethylpentasiloxane, Tetradecamethylhexasiloxane, and DecamethylcyclopentasiloxaneThol, Monika; Muhammad Ali, Javed; Baumhögger, Elmar; Span, Roland; Vrabec, Jadran-
javed_etal_2019.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2019Thermodynamic Speed of Sound Data for Liquid and Supercritical AlcoholsJaved, Muhammad Ali; Baumhögger, Elmar; Vrabec, Jadran-