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Alt15ppt_convRothe.pdf.jpg3-Sep-2015Convergence of the Rothe method applied to Operator DAEs arising in ElastodynamicsAltmann, Robert-
Preprint-11-2013.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2013Finite Element Decomposition and Minimal Extension for Flow EquationsAltmann, Robert; Heiland, Jan-
Alt12ppt.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2012Index Reduction for Operator Differential-Algebraic Equations in ElastodynamicsAltmann, Robert-
Alt13ppt_MovingDir.pdf.jpg24-Sep-2013Moving Dirichlet Boundary ConditionsAltmann, Robert-
AltS16_2015.pdf.jpg2016On the port-Hamiltonian structure of the Navier-Stokes equations for reactive flowsAltmann, Robert; Schulze, Philipp-
AltZ17_ppt.pdf.jpg7-Jul-2017On the smoothing property of linear delay partial differential equationsAltmann, Robert; Zimmer, Christoph-
AltLM15ppt.pdf.jpg30-Nov-2015Operator Differential Algebraic Equations with Noise Arising in Fluid DynamicsAltmann, Robert; Levajković, Tijana; Mena, Hermann-
10.1007_s00605-016-0931-z.pdf.jpg2016Operator differential-algebraic equations with noise arising in fluid dynamicsAltmann, Robert; Levajković, Tijana; Mena, Hermann-
110823675.pdf.jpg2012P1-Nonconforming finite elements on triangulations into triangles and quadrilateralsAltmann, Robert; Carstensen, C.-
Preprint-05-2018.pdf.jpg30-Jul-2018PDE Eigenvalue Iterations with Applications in Two-dimensional Photonic CrystalsAltmann, Robert; Froidevaux, Marine-
AltH16ppt.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2016Regularization and Rothe Discretization of Semi-Explicit Operator DAEsAltmann, Robert; Heiland, Jan-
altmann_robert.pdf.jpg9-Jun-2015Regularization and simulation of constrained partial differential equationsAltmann, Robert-
AltH14ppt_OperatorDAE.pdf.jpg20-May-2014Regularization of Constrained PDEs of Semi-Explicit StructureAltmann, Robert; Heiland, Jan-
AltZ16ppt.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2016Runge-Kutta Methods for Linear Semi-explicit Operator Differential-algebraic EquationsAltmann, Robert; Zimmer, Christoph-
10.1007_s11044-016-9558-z.pdf.jpg2016Simulation of multibody systems with servo constraints through optimal controlAltmann, Robert; Heiland, Jan-
AltH15ppt_TU27.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2015Simulation of Multibody Systems with Servo Constraints through Optimal ControlAltmann, Robert; Heiland, Jan-