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sadeev_etal_2015.pdf.jpg20151.55-μm mode-locked quantum-dot lasers with 300 MHz frequency tuning rangeSadeev, Tagir; Arsenijević, Dejan; Franke, D.; Kreissl, J.; Künzel, H.; Bimberg, Dieter-
stubenrauch_etal_2014.pdf.jpg7-Jul-201415 Gb/s index-coupled distributed-feedback lasers based on 1.3 μm InGaAs quantum dotsStubenrauch, Mirko; Stracke, Gernot; Arsenijević, Dejan; Strittmatter, André; Bimberg, Dieter-
7-May-2014Comparison of dynamic properties of ground- and excited-state emission in p-doped InAs/GaAs quantum-dot lasersArsenijević, Dejan; Schliwa, Andrei; Schmeckebier, Holger; Stubenrauch, Mirco; Spiegelberg, M.; Bimberg, Dieter; Mikhelashvili, Vissarion; Eisenstein, Gadi-
sadeev_etal_2016.pdf.jpg2016Comparison of dynamic properties of InP/InAs quantum-dot and quantum-dash lasersSadeev, Tagir; Arsenijević, Dejan; Bimberg, Dieter-
1.4971271.pdf.jpg2016Efficiency of four-wave mixing in injection-locked InAs/GaAs quantum-dot lasersHuang, Heming; Arsenijević, Dejan; Schires, K.; Sadeev, T.; Erasme, D.; Bimberg, Dieter; Grillot, Frédéric-
kaptan_etal_2014.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2014Gain dynamics of quantum dot devices for dual-state operationKaptan, Yücel; Schmeckebier, Holger; Herzog, Bastian; Arsenijević, Dejan; Kolarczik, Mirco; Mikhelashvili, Vissarion; Owschimikow, Nina; Eisenstein, Gadi; Bimberg, Dieter; Woggon, Ulrike-
sadeev_etal_2015.pdf.jpg2015Highly efficient non-degenerate four-wave mixing under dual-mode injection in InP/InAs quantum-dash and quantum-dot lasers at 1.55 μmSadeev, Tagir; Huang, Heming; Arsenijević, Dejan; Schires, Kevin; Grillot, F.; Bimberg, Dieter-
5-Jan-2010Hybrid mode-locking in a 40 GHz monolithic quantum dot laserFiol, G.; Arsenijević, Dejan; Bimberg, Dieter; Vladimirov, A. G.; Wolfrum, M.; Viktorov, E. A.; Mandel, Paul-
huang_etal_2016.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2016InAs/GaAs excited state quantum-dot transmitters operating under long-delayed optical feedbackHuang, Heming; Schires, Kevin; Grillot, Frédéric; Arsenijević, Dejan; Sadeev, Tagir; Bimberg, Dieter-
oe-26-2-1743.pdf.jpg2018Multimode optical feedback dynamics in InAs/GaAs quantum dot lasers emitting exclusively on ground or excited states: transition from short- to long-delay regimesHuang, Heming; Lin, Lyu-Chih; Chen, Chih-Ying; Arsenijević, Dejan; Bimberg, Dieter; Lin, Fan-Yi; Grillot, Frédéric-
1.4973335.pdf.jpg2016Multimode optical feedback dynamics of InAs/GaAs quantum-dot lasers emitting on different lasing statesHuang, Heming; Arsenijević, Dejan; Schires, K.; Sadeev, T.; Bimberg, Dieter; Grillot, Frédéric-
15-Jan-2014Optimum phase noise reduction and repetition rate tuning in quantum-dot mode-locked lasersHabruseva, T.; Arsenijević, Dejan; Kleinert, M.; Bimberg, Dieter; Huyet, G.; Hegarty, S. P.-
2-Dec-2013Phase noise and jitter reduction by optical feedback on passively mode-locked quantum-dot lasersArsenijević, Dejan; Kleinert, M.; Bimberg, Dieter-
grillot_etal_2018.pdf.jpg9-May-2018Recent advances in InAs/GaAs quantum dot lasers with short optical feedbackGrillot, Frédéric; Huang, Heming; Lin, Lyu-Chih; Chen, Chih-Ying; Arsenijević, Dejan; Bimberg, Dieter; Lin, Fan-Yi-
grillot_etal_2018.pdf.jpg21-Feb-2018Ultrafast and nonlinear dynamics of InAs/GaAs semiconductor quantum dot lasersGrillot, Frédéric; Arsenijević, Dejan; Huang, Heming; Bimberg, Dieter-