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s12873-018-0177-2.pdf.jpg20-Aug-2018Burnout and safety outcomes - a cross-sectional nationwide survey of EMS-workers in GermanyBaier, Natalie; Roth, Karsten; Felgner, Susanne; Henschke, Cornelia-
Langenberger_etal_detection_2021.pdf.jpg2-Dec-2021The detection and prevention of adverse drug events in nursing home and home care patients: Study protocol of a quasi-experimental studyLangenberger, Benedikt; Baier, Natalie; Hanke, Frank-Christian; Fahrentholz, Jacqueline; Gorny, Christina; Sehlen, Stephanie; Reber, Katrin Christiane; Liersch, Sebastian; Radomski, Ralf; Haftenberger, Jens; Heppner, Hans Jürgen; Busse, Reinhard; Vogt, Verena-
Baier_etal_Emergency_2018.pdf.jpg10-Nov-2018Emergency and urgent care systems in Australia, Denmark, England, France, Germany and the Netherlands – Analyzing organization, payment and reformsBaier, Natalie; Geissler, Alexander; Bech, Mickael; Bernstein, David; Cowling, Thomas E.; Jackson, Terri; Manen, Johan van; Rudkjøbing, Andreas; Quentin, Wilm-
fpubh-09-616857.pdf.jpg16-Apr-2021INDEED–Utilization and Cross-Sectoral Patterns of Care for Patients Admitted to Emergency Departments in Germany: Rationale and Study DesignFischer-Rosinský, Antje; Slagman, Anna; King, Ryan; Reinhold, Thomas; Schenk, Liane; Greiner, Felix; von Stillfried, Dominik; Zimmermann, Grit; Lüpkes, Christian; Günster, Christian; Baier, Natalie; Henschke, Cornelia; Roll, Stephanie; Keil, Thomas; Möckel, Martin-
baier_natalie.pdf.jpg2022Regionale Variationen in der GesundheitsversorgungBaier, Natalie-
Baier_etal_Reply_2020.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2020Reply to the comment on “Trends in rates of orthopedic surgery in Germany: the good, the bad, the ugly.”Baier, Natalie; Sax, Lisa-Marie; Sundmacher, Leonie-
baier_struckmann.pdf.jpg16-Jan-2015Review zu den Perspektiven der ländlichen VersorgungBaier, Natalie; Struckmann, Verena-