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water-14-01722.pdf.jpg27-May-2022The Assessment of Climate Variables and Geographical Distribution on Residential Drinking Water Demand in EthiopiaTimotewos, Mosisa Teferi; Barjenbruch, Matthias; Behailu, Beshah M.-
water-14-01153.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2022Benefits, Inconveniences, and Facilities of the Application of Rain Gardens in Urban Spaces from the Perspective of Climate Change—A ReviewBąk, Joanna; Barjenbruch, Matthias-
Augustyniak_etal_Biofilms_2021.pdf.jpg27-Jun-2021Biofilms in the gravity sewer interfaces: making a friend from a foeAugustyniak, Adrian; Sikora, Pawel; Grygorcewicz, Bartłomiej; Despot, Daneish; Braun, Burga; Rakoczy, Rafał; Szewzyk, Ulrich; Barjenbruch, Matthias; Stephan, Dietmar-
sustainability-13-10779.pdf.jpg28-Sep-2021Comparison of H2S Gas Sensors: A Sensor Management Procedure for Sewer MonitoringPacheco Fernández, Micaela; Despot, Daneish; Barjenbruch, Matthias-
water-13-01876-v2.pdf.jpg5-Jul-2021Comparison of Online Sensors for Liquid Phase Hydrogen Sulphide Monitoring in Sewer SystemsDespot, Daneish; Pacheco Fernández, Micaela; Barjenbruch, Matthias-
water-13-00722-v2.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2021Development of a New Testing Approach for Decentralised Technical Sustainable Drainage SystemsNeupert, Johannes Wolfgang; Lau, Philipp; Venghaus, Daniel; Barjenbruch, Matthias-
water-13-01015-v2.pdf.jpg8-Apr-2021Dosing Free Nitrous Acid as an Alternative Sulphide Control Technology for Pressure Sewers in GermanyDespot, Daneish; Reinhold, Luisa; Augustyniak, Adrian; Barjenbruch, Matthias-
Zhou et al. 2017.pdf.jpg2017Phosphorus recovery from municipal and fertilizer wastewater: China's potential and perspectiveZhou, Kuangxin; Barjenbruch, Matthias; Kabbe, Christian; Inial, Goulven; Remy, Christian-