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sustainability-14-00317.pdf.jpg29-Dec-2021Characteristics of Smoldering on Moist Rice Husk for Silica ProductionYan, Shengtai; Yin, Dezheng; He, Fang; Cai, Junmeng; Schliermann, Thomas; Behrendt, Frank-
Taube_etal_Contribution_2019_Cover.pdf.jpg2019Contribution of waste management companies towards a flexible energy system using sector couplingTaube, Lina; Schmid, Fabian; Pasemann, Andre; Rieck, Jenny; Heinrich, Tim; Reinking, Robin; Behrendt, Frank-
Heihsel_etal_Desalination_2020.pdf.jpg18-Nov-2020Desalination and sustainability: a triple bottom line study of AustraliaHeihsel, Michael; Lenzen, Manfred; Behrendt, Frank-
Taube_etal_Economic_2022.pdf.jpg27-Sep-2021Economic benefits through system integration of electric waste collection vehicles: Case study of grid-beneficial charging and discharging strategiesTaube, Lina; Biedenbach, Florian; Schmid, Fabian; Rieck, Jenny; Behrendt, Frank-
schmid_etal_2020.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2020Electrification of waste collection vehicles: Techno-economic analysis based on an energy demand simulation using real-life operational dataSchmid, Fabian; Taube, Linda; Rieck, Jenny; Behrendt, Frank-
Rieck_etal_Feasibility_2020_Cover.pdf.jpg3-Aug-2020Feasibility analysis of a heat pump powered by wind turbines and PV-applications for detached houses in GermanyRieck, Jenny; Taube, Lina; Behrendt, Frank-
Almuina-Villar_etal_Laser-based_2018.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2018Laser-based spectroscopy diagnosis and detailed numerical models to gain understanding on the slow pyrolysis behavior of thermally thick wood particlesAlmuina-Villar, Hernán; Anca-Couce, Andrés; Lang, Norbert; Röpcke, Jürgen; Behrendt, Frank; Dieguez-Alonso, Alba-
schmid_etal_2020.pdf.jpg13-Dec-2020An open-source modeling tool for multi-objective optimization of renewable nano/micro-off-grid power supply system: Influence of temporal resolution, simulation period, and locationSchmid, Fabian; Winzer, Joscha; Pasemann, André; Behrendt, Frank-
Schmid_Behrendt_Optimal_2021.pdf.jpg9-Apr-2021Optimal sizing of Solar Home Systems: Charge controller technology and its influence on system designSchmid, Fabian; Behrendt, Frank-
bognar_et-al.pdf.jpg2012Seawater desalination in micro grids: an integrated planning approachBognar, Kristina; Blechinger, Philipp; Behrendt, Frank-
energies-11-00496.pdf.jpg27-Feb-2018Towards biochar and hydrochar engineeringDieguez-Alonso, Alba; Funke, Axel; Anca-Couce, Andrés; Rombolà, Alessandro Girolamo; Ojeda, Gerardo; Bachmann, Jörg; Behrendt, Frank-