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membranes-09-00108-v2.pdf.jpg26-Aug-2019Ceria-Based Dual-Phase Membranes for High-Temperature Carbon Dioxide Separation: Effect of Iron Doping and Pore Generation with MgO TemplateGili, Albert; Bischoff, Benjamin; Simon, Ulla; Schmidt, Franziska; Kober, Delf; Görke, Oliver; Bekheet, Maged F.; Gurlo, Aleksander-
c6dt02095j.pdf.jpg2016The contrasting effect of the Ta/Nb ratio in (111)-layered B-site deficient hexagonal perovskite Ba5Nb4-xTaxO15 crystals on visible-light-induced photocatalytic water oxidation activity of their oxynitride derivativesHojamberdiev, Mirabbos; Bekheet, Maged F.; Zahedi, Ehsan; Wagata, Hajime; Vequizo, Junie Jhon M.; Yamakata, Akira; Yubuta, Kunio; Gurlo, Aleksander; Domen, Kazunari; Teshima, Katsuya-
membranes-10-00093-v2.pdf.jpg9-May-2020Fabrication and Characterization of Ice Templated Membrane Supports from Portland CementAbdullayev, Amanmyrat; Kamm, Paul H.; Bekheet, Maged F.; Gurlo, Aleksander-
c9ra05541j.pdf.jpg7-Nov-2019Grafting and stabilization of ordered mesoporous silica COK-12 with graphene oxide for enhanced removal of methylene blueHenning, Laura M.; Simon, Ulla; Gurlo, Aleksander; Smales, Glen J.; Bekheet, Maged F.-
Abdullayev_etal_Low-temperature_2020.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2020Low-temperature fluoride-assisted synthesis of mullite whiskersAbdullayev, Amanmyrat; Zemke, Fabian; Gurlo, Aleksander; Bekheet, Maged F.-
1-s2.0-S2666539520300018-main.pdf.jpg27-Apr-2020Metal-containing ceramic nanocomposites synthesized from metal acetates and polysilazaneWang, Jun; Schölch, Valérie; Görke, Oliver; Schuck, Götz; Wang, Xifan; Shao, Gaofeng; Schorr, Susan; Bekheet, Maged F.; Gurlo, Aleksander-
c9cc09092d.pdf.jpg29-Nov-2019On-chip assembly of 3D graphene-based aerogels for chemiresistive gas sensingShao, Gaofeng; Ovsianytskyi, Oleksandr; Bekheet, Maged F.; Gurlo, Aleksander-
c9nr02115a.pdf.jpg31-May-2019Real-time direct transmission electron microscopy imaging of phase and morphology transformation from solid indium oxide hydroxide to hollow corundum-type indium oxide nanocrystallitesSchlicker, Lukas; Popescu, Radian; Bekheet, Maged F.; Doran, Andrew; Gerthsen, Dagmar; Gurlo, Aleksander-
c7cp03632a.pdf.jpg2017Surface chemistry and stability of metastable corundum-type In2O3Köck, Eva-Maria; Kogler, Michaela; Zhuo, Chen; Schlicker, Lukas; Bekheet, Maged F.; Doran, Andrew; Gurlo, Aleksander; Penner, Simon-