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Schmidt_etal_3D-bioprinted_2020.pdf.jpg21-Nov-20203D-bioprinted HepaRG cultures as a model for testing long term aflatoxin B1 toxicity in vitroSchmidt, Konrad; Berg, Johanna; Roehrs, Viola; Kurreck, Jens; Al-Zeer, Munir A.-
Wu_etal_Bioprinted_2022.pdf.jpg23-Dec-2021Bioprinted cancer model of neuroblastoma in a renal microenvironment as an efficiently applicable drug testing platformWu, Dongwei; Berg, Johanna; Arlt, Birte; Röhrs, Viola; Al-Zeer, Munir A.; Deubzer, Hedwig E.; Kurreck, Jens-
viruses-13-01590.pdf.jpg11-Aug-2021Bioprinted Multi-Cell Type Lung Model for the Study of Viral InhibitorsBerg, Johanna; Weber, Zia; Fechler-Bitteti, Mona; Hocke, Andreas C.; Hippenstiel, Stefan; Elomaa, Laura; Weinhart, Marie; Kurreck, Jens-
berg_kurreck_2021.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2021Clean Bioprinting – Fabrication of 3D Organ Models Devoid of Animal ComponentsBerg, Johanna; Kurreck, Jens-
ijms-19-03129.pdf.jpg12-Oct-2018Generation of a 3D Liver Model Comprising Human Extracellular Matrix in an Alginate/Gelatin-Based Bioink by Extrusion Bioprinting for Infection and Transduction StudiesHiller, Thomas; Berg, Johanna; Elomaa, Laura; Röhrs, Viola; Ullah, Imran; Schaar, Katrin; Dietrich, Ann-Christin; Al-Zeer, Munir A.; Kurtz, Andreas; Hocke, Andreas C.; Hippenstiel, Stefan; Fechner, Henry; Weinhart, Marie; Kurreck, Jens-
viruses-13-02030-v2.pdf.jpg8-Oct-2021Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 Replication by a Small Interfering RNA Targeting the Leader SequenceTolksdorf, Beatrice; Nie, Chuanxiong; Niemeyer, Daniela; Röhrs, Viola; Berg, Johanna; Lauster, Daniel; Adler, Julia M.; Haag, Rainer; Trimpert, Jakob; Kaufer, Benedikt; Drosten, Christian; Kurreck, Jens-
s41598-018-31880-x.pdf.jpg17-Sep-2018Optimization of cell-laden bioinks for 3D bioprinting and efficient infection with influenza A virusBerg, Johanna; Hiller, Thomas; Kissner, Maya S.; Qazi, Taimoor H.; Duda, Georg N.; Hocke, Andreas C.; Hippenstiel, Stefan; Elomaa, Laura; Weinhart, Marie; Fahrenson, Christoph; Kurreck, Jens-