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d0cp03233f.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2020Anisotropy of Pt nanoparticles on carbon- and oxide-support and their structural response to electrochemical oxidation probed by in situ techniquesSchmies, Henrike; Bergmann, Arno; Hornberger, Elisabeth; Drnec, Jakub; Wang, Guanxiong; Dionigi, Fabio; Kühl, Stefanie; Sandbeck, Daniel J. S.; Mayrhofer, Karl J. J.; Ramani, Vijay; Cherevko, Serhiy; Strasser, Peter-
c3ee41194j.pdf.jpg2013Electrochemical water splitting by layered and 3D cross-linked manganese oxides: correlating structural motifs and catalytic activityBergmann, Arno; Zaharieva, Ivelina; Dau, Holger; Strasser, Peter-
c4ta07022d.pdf.jpg2015From molecular copper complexes to composite electrocatalytic materials for selective reduction of CO2 to formic acidTran Ngoc Huan; Andreiadis, Eugen S.; Heidkamp, Jonathan; Simon, Philippe; Derat, Etienne; Cobo, Saioa; Royal, Guy; Bergmann, Arno; Strasser, Peter; Dau, Holger; Artero, Vincent; Fontecave, Marc-
bergmann_arno.pdf.jpg2016On the catalytically active state and structure-activity correlations of 3d transition metal oxide catalysts for electrochemical water splittingBergmann, Arno-
ADFM_ADFM201909054.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2020Solute Incorporation at Oxide–Oxide Interfaces Explains How Ternary Mixed‐Metal Oxide Nanocrystals Support Element‐Specific Anisotropic GrowthGliech, Manuel; Görlin, Mikaela; Gocyla, Martin; Klingenhof, Malte; Bergmann, Arno; Selve, Sören; Spöri, Camillo; Heggen, Marc; Dunin‐Borkowski, Rafal E.; Suntivich, Jin; Strasser, Peter-
c6ta03644a.pdf.jpg2016Uncovering the prominent role of metal ions in octahedral versus tetrahedral sites of cobalt-zinc oxide catalysts for efficient oxidation of waterMenezes, Prashanth W.; Indra, Arindam; Bergmann, Arno; Chernev, Petko; Walter, Carsten; Dau, Holger; Strasser, Peter; Drieß, Matthias-