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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
Feb-2020Active Acoustic Contact Sensing for Soft Pneumatic ActuatorsZöller, Gabriel; Wall, Vincent; Brock, Oliver-
10.1002.prot.25028.pdf.jpg2016Blind testing of cross-linking/mass spectrometry hybrid methods in CASP11Schneider, Michael; Belsom, Adam; Rappsilber, Juri; Brock, Oliver-
8-Apr-2019Co-design of Plan and EnvironmentAbele, Jessica; Brock, Oliver-
eppner_clemens.pdf.jpgFeb-2012A compliance-centric view of graspingEppner, Clemens; Bartels, Georg; Brock, Oliver-
8-Apr-2019Environmental Constraints ExploitationPáll, Előd; Abele, Jessica; Sieverling, Arne; Eppner, Clemens; Wortmann, Johannes; Erdogan, Can; Brock, Oliver-
s12859-017-1713-x.pdf.jpg17-Jun-2017EPSILON-CP: using deep learning to combine information from multiple sources for protein contact predictionStahl, Kolja; Schneider, Michael; Brock, Oliver-
0278364914559753.pdf.jpg2015Exploitation of environmental constraints in human and robotic graspingEppner, Clemens; Deimel, Raphael; Álvarez-Ruiz, José; Maertens, Marianne; Brock, Oliver-
May-2019Human hand grasping experiments: annotated grasps segmentsHeinemann, Fabian; Puhlmann, Steffen; Eppner, Clemens; Álvarez-Ruiz, José; Meartens, Marianne; Brock, Oliver-
May-2019Human hand grasping experiments: raw grasping dataHeinemann, Fabian; Puhlmann, Steffen; Eppner, Clemens; Álvarez-Ruiz, José; Meartens, Marianne; Brock, Oliver-
fpsyg-06-00374.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2015Learning to explore the structure of kinematic objects in a virtual environmentBuckmann, Marcus; Gaschler, Robert; Höfer, Sebastian; Loeben, Dennis; Frensch, Peter A.; Brock, Oliver-
2018No Free Lunch in Ball Catching: A Comparison of Cartesian and Angular Representations for ControlHöfer, Sebastian; Raisch, Jörg; Toussaint, Marc; Brock, Oliver-
0278364915592961.pdf.jpg2016A novel type of compliant and underactuated robotic hand for dexterous graspingDeimel, Raphael; Brock, Oliver-
Dec-2020Passive and Active Acoustic Sensing for Soft Pneumatic Actuators - Code and DataWall, Vincent; Zöller, Gabriel; Brock, Oliver-
jonschkowski_etal.pdf.jpgFeb-2016Probabilistic multi-class segmentation for the Amazon picking challengeJonschkowski, Rico; Eppner, Clemens; Höfer, Sebastian; Martín-Martín, Roberto; Brock, Oliver-
10.1177_0278364919844314.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2019The RBO dataset of articulated objects and interactionsMartín-Martín, Roberto; Eppner, Clemens; Brock, Oliver-
31-Mar-2016RBO Hand 2 CAD FilesDeimel, Raphael; Brock, Oliver-
May-2019RBO Hand 2 simulation modelPozzi, Maria; Miguel, Eder; Deimel, Raphael; Malvezzi, Monica; Bickel, Bernd; Brock, Oliver; Prattichizzo, Domenico-
May-2019Soft hand teleoperationErdogan, Can; Schröder, Armin; Eppner, Clemens; Brock, Oliver-
0278364915586155.pdf.jpg2015Special Issue on the Sixteenth International Symposium on Robotics Research, 2013Barfoot, Tim; Brock, Oliver-
2019State Representation Learning with Robotic Priors for Partially Observable Environments DataMorik, Marco; Rastogi, Divyam; Brock, Oliver-