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computation-08-00037-v2.pdf.jpg27-Apr-2020Accurate Energy and Performance Prediction for Frequency-Scaled GPU KernelsFan, Kaijie; Cosenza, Biagio; Juurlink, Ben-
maier_etal_hpcs2019.pdf.jpg2019Approximating Memory-bound Applications on Mobile GPUsMaier, Daniel; Mammeri, Nadjib; Cosenza, Biagio; Juurlink, Ben-
KoflerEUROPAR15.pdf.jpg2015Automatic Data Layout Optimizations for GPUsKofler, Klaus; Cosenza, Biagio; Fahringer, Thomas-
An_automatic.pdf.jpg2013An automatic input-sensitive approach for heterogeneous task partitioningKofler, Kofler; Grasso, Ivan; Cosenza, Biagio; Fahringer, Thomas-
Automatic_problem_size.pdf.jpg2013Automatic problem size sensitive task partitioning on heterogeneous parallel systemsGrasso, Ivan; Kofler, Klaus; Cosenza, Biagio; Fahringer, Thomas-
Cosenza_IPDPS2017.pdf.jpg2017Autotuning Stencil Computations with Structural Ordinal Regression LearningCosenza, Biagio; Durillo, Juan J.; Ermon, Stefano; Juurlink, Ben-
CosenzaPADABS15.pdf.jpg2015Behavioral Spherical Harmonics for Long-Range Agents’ InteractionCosenza, Biagio-
pohl_etal_2016.pdf.jpg2016An evaluation of current SIMD programming models for C++Pohl, Angela; Cosenza, Biagio; Álvarez-Mesa, Mauricio; Chi, Chi Ching; Juurlink, Ben-
libWater.pdf.jpg2013libWater: heterogeneous distributed computing made easyGrasso, Ivan; Pellegrini, Simone; Cosenza, Biagio; Fahringer, Thomas-
MaierCGO18.pdf.jpg2018Local memory-aware kernel perforationMaier, Daniel; Cosenza, Biagio; Juurlink, Ben-
fan_cosenza_juurlink_icpp2019.pdf.jpg2019Predictable GPUs Frequency Scaling for Energy and PerformanceFan, Kaijie; Cosenza, Biagio; Juurlink, Ben-
hunger_etal_2015.pdf.jpg2015Spectral turning bands for efficient Gaussian random fields generation on GPUs and acceleratorsHunger, Lars; Cosenza, Biagio; Kimeswenger, Stefan; Fahringer, Thomas-
popov_etal_2017.pdf.jpg2017Static optimization in PHP 7Popov, Nikita; Cosenza, Biagio; Juurlink, Ben; Stogov, Dmitry-