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klost_etal_2020.pdf.jpg26-May-2020Effect of protein aggregation on rheological properties of pea protein gelsKlost, Martina; Brzeski, Celina; Drusch, Stephan-
brueckner-guehmann_etal_2018.pdf.jpg9-Mar-2018Enrichment of yoghurt with oat protein fractions: Structure formation, textural properties and sensory evaluationBrückner-Gühmann, Monika; Benthin, Albina; Drusch, Stephan-
klost_etal_2020.pdf.jpg24-Feb-2020Enzymatic hydrolysis of pea protein: Interactions and protein fractions involved in fermentation induced gels and their influence on rheological propertiesKlost, Martina; Giménez-Ribes, Gerard; Drusch, Stephan-
brueckner-guehmann_etal_2018.pdf.jpg28-Aug-2018Foaming characteristics of oat protein and modification by partial hydrolysisBrückner-Gühmann, Monika; Heiden-Hecht, Theresia; Sözer, Nesli; Drusch, Stephan-
foods-10-02417-v3.pdf.jpg12-Oct-2021Formation of Secondary and Tertiary Volatile Compounds Resulting from the Lipid Oxidation of Rapeseed OilGrebenteuch, Sandra; Kroh, Lothar W.; Drusch, Stephan; Rohn, Sascha-
moser_etal_2020.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2020Functional properties of chickpea protein-pectin interfacial complex in buriti oil emulsions and spray dried microcapsulesMoser, Poliana; Nicoletti, Vânia Regina; Drusch, Stephan; Brückner-Gühmann, Monika-
klost_drusch_2018.pdf.jpg7-Mar-2018Functionalisation of pea protein by tryptic hydrolysis – Characterisation of interfacial and functional propertiesKlost, Martina; Drusch, Stephan-
Heiden-Hecht_Drusch_Impact_2021.pdf.jpg9-Dec-2021Impact of saturation of fatty acids of phosphatidylcholine and oil phase on properties of β-Lactoglobulin at the oil/water interfaceHeiden-Hecht, Theresia; Drusch, Stephan-
kastner_etal_2020.pdf.jpg7-Feb-2020Impact of sodium ions on material properties, gelation and storage stability of citrus pectinKastner, Hanna; Einhorn-Stoll, Ulrike; Fatouros, Alexandra; Drusch, Stephan-
kastner_etal_2018.pdf.jpg18-Oct-2018Influence of enzymatic and acidic demethoxylation on structure formation in sugar containing citrus pectin gelsKastner, Hanna; Einhorn-Stoll, Ulrike; Drusch, Stephan-
Gaenz_etal_Interaction_2022.pdf.jpg2-Dec-2021Interaction of proteins and amino acids with iso-α-acids during wort preparation in the brewhouseGänz, Nele; Becher, Tobias; Drusch, Stephan; Titze, Jean-
Heiden-Hecht_etal_Interfacial_2020.pdf.jpg3-Dec-2020Interfacial properties of β-Lactoglobulin at the oil/water interface: influence of starch conversion products with varying dextrose equivalentsHeiden-Hecht, Theresia; Ulbrich, Marco; Drusch, Stephan; Brückner-Gühmann, Monika-
einhorn-stoll_etal_2015.pdf.jpg4-Jun-2015Modification and physico-chemical properties of citrus pectin – Influence of enzymatic and acidic demethoxylationEinhorn-Stoll, Ulrike; Kastner, Hanna; Hecht, Theresia; Zimathies, Annett; Drusch, Stephan-
brueckner-guehmann_etal_oatghurt.pdf.jpg29-Jul-2019Oat protein concentrate as alternative ingredient for non‐dairy yoghurt‐type productBrückner-Gühmann, Monika; Vasil'eva, Elena; Culetu, Alina; Duta, Denisa; Sozer, Nesli; Drusch, Stephan-
Bock_etal_Partitioning_2021.pdf.jpg4-Jan-2021Partitioning behavior and interfacial activity of phenolic acid derivatives and their impact on β-Lactoglobulin at the oil-water interfaceBock, Alina; Steinhäuser, Ulrike; Drusch, Stephan-
Taboada_etal_Spray_2021.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2021Spray drying of emulsions: Influence of the emulsifier system on changes in oil droplet size during the drying stepTaboada, Martha L.; Heiden-Hecht, Theresia; Brückner-Gühmann, Monika; Karbstein, Heike P.; Drusch, Stephan; Gaukel, Volker-
klost_drusch_2019.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2019Structure formation and rheological properties of pea protein-based gelsKlost, Martina; Drusch, Stephan-
kastner_etal_2017.pdf.jpg21-Jun-2017Structure formation in sugar containing pectin gels - Influence of gel composition and cooling rate on the gelation of non-amidated and amidated low-methoxylated pectinKastner, Hanna; Einhorn-Stoll, Ulrike; Drusch, Stephan-
kastner_etal_2013.pdf.jpg5-Jul-2013Structure formation in sugar containing pectin gels – Influence of tartaric acid content (pH) and cooling rate on the gelation of high-methoxylated pectinKastner, Hanna; Kern, Karla; Wilde, R.; Berthold, Almuth; Einhorn-Stoll, Ulrike; Drusch, Stephan-
einhorn-stoll_etal_2018.pdf.jpg21-Feb-2018Thermal degradation of citrus pectin in low-moisture environment - Influence of acidic and alkaline pre-treatmentEinhorn-Stoll, Ulrike; Kastner, Hanna; Urbisch, Alexandra; Kroh, Lothar W.; Drusch, Stephan-