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tr_2013-02.pdf.jpg2013Analysis of Hypergraph Transformation Systems in AGG based on M-Functors: Extended VersionMaximova, Maria; Ehrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia-
tr-2007-02.pdf.jpg2007Concurrency in Reconfigurable Place/SystemsEhrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia; Hoffmann, Kathrin; Padberg, Julia; Prange, Ulrike-
tr_2011-14.pdf.jpg2011Concurrent Model Synchronization with Conflict Resolution Based on Triple Graph Grammars - Extended VersionHermann, Frank; Ehrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia; Orejas, Fernando-
tr_2010-09.pdf.jpg2010Conflict Detection for Model Versioning Based on Graph Modifications: Long VersionTaentzer, Gabriele; Ermel, Claudia; Langer, Philip; Wimmer, Manuel-
tr_2013-08.pdf.jpg2013Correctness of Generalisation and Customisation of Concurrent Model Synchronisation Based on Triple Graph GrammarsGottmann, Susann; Hermann, Frank; Nachtigall, Nico; Braatz, Benjamin; Ermel, Claudia; Ehrig, Hartmut; Engel, Thomas-
tr-2009-04.pdf.jpg2009Evolution of Model Transformations by Model Refactoring: Long VersionEhrig, Hartmut; Ehrig, Karsten; Ermel, Claudia-
tr_2010-04.pdf.jpg2010Formal Analysis and Verication of Self-Healing Systems: Long VersionEhrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia; Runge, Olga; Bucchiarone, Antonio; Pelliccione, Patrizio-
tr_2011-01.pdf.jpg2011A Formal Resolution Strategy for Operation-Based Conicts in Model Versioning Using Graph ModicationsEhrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia; Taentzer, Gabriele-
tr_2011-04.pdf.jpg2011Functors between M-adhesive Categories Applied to Petri Net and Graph Transformation SystemsMaximova, Maria; Ehrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia-
tr-2009-08.pdf.jpg2009Generalized Typed Attributed Graph Transformation Systems based on Morphisms Changing Type Graphs and Data SignatureEhrig, Hartmut; Ehrig, Karsten; Ermel, Claudia; Prange, Ulrike-
tr-2009-17.pdf.jpg2009Generation of Simulation Views for Domain Specic Modeling Languages based on the Eclipse Modeling FrameworkErmel, Claudia; Biermann, Enrico; Ehrig, Karsten; Hurrelmann, Jonas-
tr-2009-13.pdf.jpg2009Low- and High-Level Petri Nets with Individual TokensModica, Tony; Gabriel, Karsten; Ehrig, Hartmut; Hoffmann, Kathrin; Shareef, Sarkaft; Ermel, Claudia; Golas, Ulrike; Hermann, Frank; Biermann, Enrico-
tr_2013-03.pdf.jpg2013Modeling and Analysis of Self-Adaptive Systems Based on Graph TransformationBucchiarone, Antonio; Ehrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia; Pellicione, Patrizio; Runge, Olga-
tr_2011-02.pdf.jpg2011Modeling with Plausibility Checking: Inspecting Favorable and Critical Signs for Consistency between Control Flow and Functional BehaviorErmel, Claudia; Gall, Jürgen; Lambers, Leen; Taentzer, Gabriele-
tr-2008-05.pdf.jpg2008On the Relationship of Model Transformations Based on Triple and Plain Graph Grammars (Long Version)Ehrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia; Hermann, Frank-
tr-2009-11.pdf.jpg2009On-the-Fly Construction, Correctness and Completeness of Model Transformations based on Triple Graph Grammars: Long VersionEhrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia; Hermann, Frank; Prange, Ulrike-
tr-2008-13.pdf.jpg2008Semantical Correctness and Completeness of Model Transformations using Graph and Rule Transformation: Long VersionEhrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia-
Dokument_24.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2006Simulation and Animation of Visual Languages based on Typed Algebraic Graph TransformationErmel, Claudia-
tr_2012-08.pdf.jpg2012Transfer of Local Confluence and Termination between Petri Net and Graph Transformation Systems Based on M-Functors: Extended VersionMaximova, Maria; Ehrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia-
tr-2008-07.pdf.jpg2008Transformation of Type Graphs with Inheritance for Ensuring Security in E-Government Networks (Long Version)Hermann, Frank; Ehrig, Hartmut; Ermel, Claudia-