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jfpe.13365.pdf.jpg12-Jan-2020Effect of sprouting temperature on selected properties of wheat flour and direct expanded extrudatesKrapf, Julia; Ding, Linda; Brühan, Juliane; Lorimer, Luisa; Walther, Goeran; Flöter, Eckhard-
c2fd20020a.pdf.jpg2012Elucidation of density profile of self-assembled sitosterol plus oryzanol tubules with small-angle neutron scatteringBot, Arjen; Gilbert, Elliot P.; Bouwman, Wim G.; Sawalha, Hassan; Adel, Ruud den; Garamus, Vasil M.; Venema, Paul; Linden, Erik van der; Flöter, Eckhard-
STAR_STAR202000080.pdf.jpg27-Sep-2020Enzymatic Modification of Granular Potato Starch Using Isoamylase—Investigation of Morphological, Physicochemical, Molecular, and Techno‐Functional PropertiesUlbrich, Marco; Asiri, Saeed A.; Bussert, Robert; Flöter, Eckhard-
Ulbrich_et_al-2019-Starch.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2019Functional properties of acid‐thinned potato starch: impact of modification, molecular starch characteristics, and solution preparationUlbrich, Marco; Flöter, Eckhard-
STAR_STAR202000146.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2020Modification of Starches with Different Amylose/Amylopectin Ratios Using the Dual Approach with Hydroxypropylation and Subsequent Acid Thinning—III: Impacts on Gel CharacteristicsUlbrich, Marco; Flöter, Eckhard-
STAR_STAR202000145.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2020Modification of Starches with Different Amylose/Amylopectin Ratios Using the Dual Approach with Hydroxypropylation and Subsequent Acid‐Thinning: II. Impacts on Gelatinization and Solution PropertiesUlbrich, Marco; Flöter, Eckhard-
STAR_STAR202000015.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2020Modification of Starches with Different Amylose/Amylopectin‐Ratios Using the Dual Approach with Hydroxypropylation and Subsequent Acid‐Thinning—Impacts on Morphological and Molecular CharacteristicsUlbrich, Marco; Flöter, Eckhard-
EJLT_EJLT202000213.pdf.jpg29-Oct-2020Oleogelation: From Scientific Feasibility to Applicability in Food ProductsScharfe, Maria; Flöter, Eckhard-
molecules-26-01673-v2.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2021Oleogels—Their Applicability and Methods of CharacterizationFlöter, Eckhard; Wettlaufer, Till; Conty, Valentina; Scharfe, Maria-
Krapf_et_al-2019-Cereal_Chemistry.pdf.jpg20-Aug-2019Sprouting of oats: a new approach to quantify compositional changesKrapf, Julia; Kandzia, Franziska; Brühan, Juliane; Walther, Goeran; Flöter, Eckhard-