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mathematics-08-00502-v2.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2020Automatic Calibration of Process Noise Matrix and Measurement Noise Covariance for Multi-GNSS Precise Point PositioningZhang, Xinggang; Li, Pan; Tu, Rui; Lu, Xiaochun; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
remotesensing-11-02595-v2.pdf.jpg5-Nov-2019A Decentralized Processing Schema for Efficient and Robust Real-time Multi-GNSS Satellite Clock EstimationJiang, Xinyuan; Gu, Shengfeng; Li, Pan; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
Li_etal_GPS_2020.pdf.jpg27-May-2020GPS + Galileo + BeiDou precise point positioning with triple-frequency ambiguity resolutionLi, Pan; Jiang, Xinyuan; Zhang, Xiaohong; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
Ge_etal_Improving_2020.pdf.jpg17-May-2020Improving Low Earth Orbit (LEO) prediction with accelerometer dataGe, Haibo; Li, Bofeng; Ge, Maorong; Nie, Liangwei; Schuh, Harald-
10-Oct-2020Integrated processing of ground- and space-based GPS observations: improving GPS satellite orbits observed with sparse ground networksHuang, Wen; Männel, Benjamin; Sakic, Pierre; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
remotesensing-11-02232.pdf.jpg25-Sep-2019Mitigation of Unmodeled Error to Improve the Accuracy of Multi-GNSS PPP for Crustal Deformation MonitoringZheng, Kai; Zhang, Xiaohong; Li, Xingxing; Li, Pan; Chang, Xiao; Sang, Jizhang; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
shi_etal_2018.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2018Multi-GNSS satellite clock estimation constrained with oscillator noise model in the existence of data discontinuityShi, Chuang; Guo, Shiwei; Shengfeng, Gu; Yang, Xinhao; Gong, Xiaopeng; Deng, Zhiguo; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
zhao_etal_2018.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2018Refining ionospheric delay modeling for undifferenced and uncombined GNSS data processingZhao, Qile; Wang, YinTong; Gu, Shengfeng; Zheng, Fu; Shi, Chuang; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
Wang_et_al-2019-Geophysical_Research_Letters.pdf.jpg15-May-2019Retrieving Precipitable Water Vapor From Shipborne Multi‐GNSS ObservationsWang, Jungang; Wu, Zhilu; Semmling, Maximilian; Zus, Florian; Gerland, Sebastian; Ramatschi, Markus; Ge, Maorong; Wickert, Jens; Schuh, Harald-
Wu_etal_2020.pdf.jpg18-Sep-2020Validating HY-2A CMR precipitable water vapor using ground-based and shipborne GNSS observationsWu, Zhilu; Liu, Yanxiong; Liu, Yang; Wang, Jungang; He, Xiufeng; Xu, Wenxue; Ge, Maorong; Schuh, Harald-
remotesensing-10-00337-v2.pdf.jpg23-Feb-2018Validation and Assessment of Multi-GNSS Real-Time Precise Point Positioning in Simulated Kinematic Mode Using IGS Real-Time ServiceWang, Liang; Li, Zishen; Ge, Maorong; Neitzel, Frank; Wang, Zhiyu; Yuan, Hong-
mathematics-08-00522-v2.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2020Variance Reduction of Sequential Monte Carlo Approach for GNSS Phase Bias EstimationTian, Yumiao; Ge, Maorong; Neitzel, Frank-