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Schall_etal_Bright_2021.pdf.jpg3-May-2021Bright electrically controllable quantum-dot-molecule devices fabricated by in situ electron-beam lithographySchall, Johannes; Deconinck, Marielle; Bart, Nikolai; Florian, Matthias; Helversen, Martin von; Dangel, Christian; Schmidt, Ronny; Bremer, Lucas; Bopp, Frederik; Hüllen, Isabell; Gies, Christopher; Reuter, Dirk; Wieck, Andreas D.; Rodt, Sven; Finley, Jonathan J.; Jahnke, Frank; Ludwig, Arne; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
reitzenstein_etal_2017.pdf.jpg28-Feb-2017Emission from quantum-dot high-β microcavities: transition from spontaneous emission to lasing and the effects of superradiant emitter couplingKreinberg, Sören; Chow, Weng W.; Wolters, Janik; Schneider, Christian; Gies, Christopher; Jahnke, Frank; Höfling, Sven; Kamp, Martin; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
reitzenstein_etal_2018.pdf.jpg8-Feb-2018A quantum optical study of thresholdless lasing features in high-β nitride nanobeam cavitiesJagsch, Stefan T.; Triviño, Noelia Vico; Lohof, Frederik; Callsen, Gordon; Kalinowski, Stefan; Rousseau, Ian M.; Barzel, Roy; Carlin, Jean-François; Jahnke, Frank; Butté, Raphaël; Gies, Christopher; Hoffmann, Axel; Grandjean, Nicolas; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
LPOR_LPOR202000065.pdf.jpg8-Nov-2020Thresholdless Transition to Coherent Emission at Telecom Wavelengths from Coaxial Nanolasers with Excitation Power Dependent β‐FactorsKreinberg, Sören; Laiho, Kaisa; Lohof, Frederik; Hayenga, William E.; Holewa, Pawel; Gies, Christopher; Khajavikhan, Mercedeh; Reitzenstein, Stephan-