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microorganisms-06-00060-v2.pdf.jpg25-Jun-2018Automated Cell Treatment for Competence and Transformation of Escherichia coli in a High-Throughput Quasi-Turbidostat Using Microtiter PlatesHans, Sebastian; Gimpel, Matthias; Glauche, Florian; Neubauer, Peter; Cruz-Bournazou, Mariano Nicolas-
processes-07-00380.pdf.jpg19-Jun-2019Dynamic Modelling of Phosphorolytic Cleavage Catalyzed by Pyrimidine-Nucleoside PhosphorylaseGiessmann, Robert T.; Krausch, Niels; Kaspar, Felix; Cruz-Bournazou, Mariano Nicolas; Wagner, Anke; Neubauer, Peter; Gimpel, Matthias-
Fan_etal_Heterologous_2020.pdf.jpg16-Aug-2020Heterologous hydrogenase overproduction systems for biotechnology—An overviewFan, Qin; Neubauer, Peter; Lenz, Oliver; Gimpel, Matthias-
microorganisms-09-01195-v2.pdf.jpg31-May-2021Optimization of Culture Conditions for Oxygen-Tolerant Regulatory [NiFe]-Hydrogenase Production from Ralstonia eutropha H16 in Escherichia coliFan, Qin; Caserta, Giorgio; Lorent, Christian; Lenz, Oliver; Neubauer, Peter; Gimpel, Matthias-
fan_etal_2021.pdf.jpg18-Oct-2021Production of soluble regulatory hydrogenase from Ralstonia eutropha in Escherichia coli using a fed-batch-based autoinduction systemFan, Qi; Neubauer, Peter; Gimpel, Matthias-
Kaspar_et_al-2020.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2020Thermodynamic reaction control of nucleoside phosphorolysisKaspar, Felix; Giessmann, Robert T.; Neubauer, Peter; Wagner, Anke; Gimpel, Matthias-
mps-02-00060.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2019A UV/Vis Spectroscopy-Based Assay for Monitoring of Transformations Between Nucleosides and NucleobasesKaspar, Felix; Giessmann, Robert T.; Krausch, Niels; Neubauer, Peter; Wagner, Anke; Gimpel, Matthias-