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Spiering_et_al-2020-ChemSusChem.pdf.jpg25-Nov-2019Changes in Phase Behavior from the Substitution of Ethylene Oxide with Carbon Dioxide in the Head Group of Nonionic SurfactantsSpiering, Vivian Jeannette; Ciapetti, Aurora; Tupinamba Lima, Michelle; Hayward, Diminic W.; Noirez, Laurence; Appavou, Marie-Sousai; Schomäcker, Reinhard; Gradzielski, Michael-
c3sm27698h.pdf.jpg2013Complexes of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes and surfactants - recent developments in the field of biologically derived polyelectrolytesChiappisi, Leonardo; Hoffmann, Ingo; Gradzielski, Michael-
c1sm05354j.pdf.jpg2011Concentration dependent pathways in spontaneous self-assembly of unilamellar vesiclesGummel, Jérémie; Sztucki, Michael; Narayanan, Theyencheri; Gradzielski, Michael-
c3sm27875a.pdf.jpg2013Control of the stability and structure of liposomes by means of nanoparticlesMichel, Raphael; Plostica, Tobias; Abezgauz, Ludmila; Danino, Dganit; Gradzielski, Michael-
c2ra21963h.pdf.jpg2013The critical role of surfactants towards CdS nanoparticles: synthesis, stability, optical and PL emission propertiesKumar, Sanjay; Gradzielski, Michael; Mehta, S. K.-
CHEM_CHEM202005331.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2021Directed Assembly of Multi‐Walled Nanotubes and Nanoribbons of Amino Acid Amphiphiles Using a Layer‐by‐Layer ApproachSiegl, Kathrin; Kolik‐Shmuel, Luba; Zhang, Mingming; Prévost, Sylvain; Vishnia, Kalanit; Mor, Amram; Appavou, Marie‐Sousai; Jafta, Charl J.; Danino, Dganit; Gradzielski, Michael-
gels-03-00015-v2.pdf.jpg4-May-2017Droplets, Evaporation and a Superhydrophobic Surface: Simple Tools for Guiding Colloidal Particles into Complex MaterialsSperling, Marcel; Gradzielski, Michael-
c3cp53095g.pdf.jpg2013Dynamic nuclear polarization of spherical nanoparticlesAkbey, Ümit; Altin, Burcu; Linden, Arne; Özçelik, Serdar; Gradzielski, Michael; Oschkinat, Hartmut-
Simon_etal_Dynamics_2020.pdf.jpg20-Aug-2020Dynamics in polyelectrolyte/microemulsion complexesSimon, Miriam; Gradzielski, Michael; Hoffmann, Ingo-
hoffmann_etal_2014.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2014Dynamics of microemulsions bridged with hydrophobically end-capped star polymers studied by neutron spin-echoHoffmann, Ingo; de Molina, Paula Malo; Farago, Bela; Falus, Peter; Herfurth, Christoph; Laschewsky, André; Gradzielski, Michael-
hoffmann_etal_2018.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2018Dynamics of small unilamellar vesiclesHoffmann, Ingo; Hoffmann, Claudia; Farago, Bela; Prévost, Sylvain; Gradzielski, Michael-
c0sm00739k.pdf.jpg2011Effect of ionic strength on rheological behavior of polymer-like cetyltrimethylammonium tosylate micellar solutionsMacías, E. R.; Bautista, F.; Pérez-López, J. H.; Schulz, P. C.; Gradzielski, Michael; Manero, O.; Puig, J. E.; Escalante, J. I.-
Cavallaro_etal_Effect_2020.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2020Effect of the supramolecular interactions on the nanostructure of halloysite/biopolymer hybrids: a comprehensive study by SANS, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy and electric birefringenceCavallaro, Giuseppe; Chiappisi, Leonardo; Gradzielski, Michael; Lazzara, Giuseppe-
Sun_etal_efficient_2020.pdf.jpg12-Aug-2020An efficient synthetic strategy for ligand-free upconversion nanoparticlesSun, Chunning; Simke, Jan Ron Justin; Gradzielski, Michael-
c4sm02746a.pdf.jpg2015Enhancing the stability of spontaneously self-assembled vesicles - the effect of polymer architectureBressel, Katharina; Gradzielski, Michael-
sun_gradzielski_2021.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2021Fluorescence sensing of cyanide anions based on Au-modified upconversion nanoassembliesSun, Chunning; Gradzielski, Michael-
c0sm01556c.pdf.jpg2011Formation and structure of slightly anionically charged nanoemulsions obtained by the phase inversion concentration (PIC) methodHeunemann, Peggy; Prévost, Sylvain; Grillo, Isabelle; Marino, Christina Michelina; Meyer, Jürgen; Gradzielski, Michael-
PEP2_PEP224201.pdf.jpg26-Oct-2020Functionalized peptide hydrogels as tunable extracellular matrix mimics for biological applicationsHellmund, Katharina S.; von Lospichl, Benjamin; Böttcher, Christoph; Ludwig, Kai; Keiderling, Uwe; Noirez, Laurence; Weiß, Annika; Mikolajczak, Dorian J.; Gradzielski, Michael; Koksch, Beate-
gels-03-00030.pdf.jpg3-Aug-2017Gels Obtained by Colloidal Self-Assembly of Amphiphilic MoleculesMalo de Molina, Paula; Gradzielski, Michael-
polymers-13-00122-v2.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2020Interaction of Proteins with a Planar Poly(acrylic acid) Brush: Analysis by Quartz Crystal Microbalance with Dissipation Monitoring (QCM-D)Walkowiak, Jacek; Gradzielski, Michael; Zauscher, Stefan; Ballauff, Matthias-