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10.1007_s40708-017-0066-6.pdf.jpg2017Brain connectivity during encoding and retrieval of spatial information: individual differences in navigation skillsSharma, Greeshma; Gramann, Klaus; Chandra, Sushil; Singh, Vijander; Mittal, Alok Prakash-
fnhum-11-00078-g0001.tif.jpg28-Feb-2017Evaluation of a Dry EEG System for Application of Passive Brain-Computer Interfaces in Autonomous DrivingZander, Thorsten O.; Andreessen, Lena M.; Berg, Angela; Bleuel, Maurice; Pawlitzki, Juliane; Zawallich, Lars; Krol, Laurens R.; Gramann, Klaus-
2018_gramann_et-al.pdf.jpg2018Granger causal connectivity dissociates navigation networks that subserve allocentric and egocentric path integrationLin, Chin-Teng; Chiu, Te-Cheng; Wang, Yu-Kai; Chuang, Chun-Hsiang; Gramann, Klaus-
EJN_EJN14992.pdf.jpg15-Oct-2020Identifying key factors for improving ICA‐based decomposition of EEG data in mobile and stationary experimentsKlug, Marius; Gramann, Klaus-
fpsyg-09-02289.pdf.jpg23-Nov-2018Investigating Established EEG Parameter During Real-World DrivingProtzak, Janna; Gramann, Klaus-
fnhum-10-00306.pdf.jpg27-Jun-2016Mobile Brain/Body Imaging (MoBI) of Physical Interaction with Dynamically Moving ObjectsJungnickel, Evelyn; Gramann, Klaus-
gramann_et-al_2017.pdf.jpg13-Feb-2017Modified navigation instructions for spatial navigation assistance systems lead to incidental spatial learningGramann, Klaus; Hoepner, Paul; Karrer-Gauss, Katja-
Zander_etal_Neuroadaptive_2016.pdf.jpg12-Dec-2016Neuroadaptive technology enables implicit cursor control based on medial prefrontal cortex activityZander, Thorsten O.; Krol, Laurens R.; Birbaumer, Niels P.; Gramann, Klaus-
Krol_etal_SEREEGA_2018.pdf.jpg14-Aug-2018SEREEGA: Simulating event-related EEG activityKrol, Laurens R.; Pawlitzki, Juliane; Lotte, Fabien; Gramann, Klaus; Zander, Thorsten O.-
Krol_etal_Task-Independent_2017.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2017A task-independent workload classifier for neuroadaptive technology: Preliminary dataKrol, Laurens R.; Freytag, Sarah-Christin; Fleck, Markus; Gramann, Klaus; Zander, Thorsten O.-
Wollesen_etal_three-armed_2020.pdf.jpg31-Oct-2020A three-armed cognitive-motor exercise intervention to increase spatial orientation and life-space mobility in nursing home residents: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial in the PROfit projectWollesen, Bettina; Fricke, Madeleine; Jansen, Carl-Philipp; Gordt, Katharina; Schwenk, Michael; Mühlbauer, Thomas; Morawietz, Christina; Kruse, Adele; Gramann, Klaus-
lindau_etal_2016.pdf.jpg2016Untersuchung elektrokortikaler Reaktionen auf die Exposition mit UltraschallLindau, Alexander; Weisskircher, Stephan; Weinzierl, Stefan; Gramann, Klaus-
fnhum-11-00477-g0001.tif.jpg27-Sep-2017Walking through Architectural Spaces: The Impact of Interior Forms on Human Brain DynamicsBanaei, Maryam; Hatami, Javad; Yazdanfar, Abbas; Gramann, Klaus-