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rieser_etal_2009.pdf.jpg2009Adding Mode Choice to Multiagent Transport SimulationRieser, Marcel; Grether, Dominik; Nagel, Kai-
1-s2.0-S1877050913007175-main.pdf.jpg2013Agent-based Modelling and Simulation of Air Transport TechnologyGrether, Dominik; Fürbas, S.; Nagel, Kai-
grether_nagel_2013.pdf.jpg2013Agent-based modelling of air transport demandGrether, Dominik; Nagel, Kai-
MATSim_Kap66_2016.pdf.jpg2016Cottbus: Traffic Signal SimulationBischoff, Joschka; Grether, Dominik-
grether_etal_2008.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2008Emergent effects in multi-agent simulations of road pricingGrether, Dominik; Chen, Yu; Rieser, Marcel; Beuck, Ulrike; Nagel, Kai-
MATSim_Kap68_2016.pdf.jpg2016European Air- and Rail-TransportGrether, Dominik-
1-s2.0-S1877050913006601-main.pdf.jpg2013Extensible Software Design of a Multi-Agent Transport SimulationGrether, Dominik; Nagel, Kai-
grether_dominik.pdf.jpg20-Jun-2014Extension of a multi-agent transport simulation for traffic signal control and air transport systemsGrether, Dominik-
Kickhöfer_etal_2011.pdf.jpg2011Income-contingent user preferences in policy evaluation: application and discussion based on multi-agent transport simulationsKickhöfer, Benjamin; Grether, Dominik; Nagel, Kai-
nagel_etal_2008.pdf.jpg2008Multi-agent transport simulations and economic evaluationNagel, Kai; Grether, Dominik; Beuck, Ulrike; Chen, Yu; Rieser, Marcel; Axhausen, Kay W.-
grether_etal_2010.pdf.jpg2010Policy Evaluation in Multiagent Transport SimulationsGrether, Dominik; Kickhöfer, Benjamin; Nagel, Kai-
laemmel_etal_2010.pdf.jpg2010The representation and implementation of time-dependent inundation in large-scale microscopic evacuation simulationsLämmel, Gregor; Grether, Dominik; Nagel, Kai-
1-s2.0-S1877050912004619-main.pdf.jpg2012Simulation of Urban Traffic Control: A Queue Model ApproachGrether, Dominik; Neumann, Andreas; Nagel, Kai-
MATSim_Kap12_2016.pdf.jpg2016Traffic Signals and LanesGrether, Dominik; Thunig, Theresa-