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polymers-12-02741.pdf.jpg18-Nov-2020Ca-Zn-Ag Alginate Aerogels for Wound Healing Applications: Swelling Behavior in Simulated Human Body Fluids and Effect on MacrophagesKeil, Claudia; Hübner, Christopher; Richter, Constanze; Lier, Sandy; Barthel, Lars; Meyer, Vera; Subrahmanyam, Raman; Gurikov, Pavel; Smirnova, Irina; Haase, Hajo-
toxins-13-00342-v2.pdf.jpg11-May-2021Cleaving Ergot Alkaloids by Hydrazinolysis—A Promising Approach for a Sum Parameter Screening MethodKuner, Maximilian; Kühn, Susanne; Haase, Hajo; Meyer, Klas; Koch, Matthias-
Alker_Haase_Comparison_2020.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2020Comparison of free zinc levels determined by fluorescent probes in THP1 cells using microplate reader and flow cytometerAlker, Wiebke; Haase, Hajo-
2017_haase_etal.pdf.jpg2017Comparison of methods for determining the effectiveness of antibacterial functionalized textilesHaase, Hajo; Jordan, Lisa; Keitel, Laura; Keil, Claudia; Mahltig, Boris-
Keil_etal_Dietary_2020.pdf.jpg18-Nov-2020Dietary zinc enrichment reduces the cadmium burden of mealworm beetle (Tenebrio molitor) larvaeKeil, Claudia; Maares, Maria; Kröncke, Nina; Benning, Rainer; Haase, Hajo-
insects-10-00084.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2019Effect of Different Drying Methods on Nutrient Quality of the Yellow Mealworm (Tenebrio molitor L.)Kröncke, Nina; Grebenteuch, Sandra; Keil, Claudia; Demtröder, Sebastian; Kroh, Lothar; Thünemann, Andreas F.; Benning, Rainer; Haase, Hajo-
CHEM_CHEM202001613.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2020Fluorescent Arylphosphonic Acids: Synergic Interactions between Bone and the Fluorescent CoreZorlu, Yunus; Brown, Connor; Keil, Claudia; Ayhan, M. Menaf; Haase, Hajo; Thompson, Richard B.; Lengyel, Imre; Yücesan, Gündoğ-
nutrients-12-00762-v3.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2020A Guide to Human Zinc Absorption: General Overview and Recent Advances of In Vitro Intestinal ModelsMaares, Maria; Haase, Hajo-
fermentation-06-00094.pdf.jpg25-Sep-2020Impact of Media Heat Treatment on Cell Morphology and Stability of L. acidophilus, L. johnsonii and L. delbrueckii subsp. delbrueckii during Fermentation and ProcessingLudszuweit, Marie; Schmacht, Maximilian; Keil, Claudia; Haase, Hajo; Senz, Martin-
ijms-19-02662.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2018In Vitro Studies on Zinc Binding and Buffering by Intestinal MucinsMaares, Maria Henrietta; Keil, Claudia; Koza, Jenny; Straubing, Sophia; Schwerdtle, Tanja; Haase, Hajo-
MNFR_MNFR3951.pdf.jpg9-Mar-2021Nutritive Manganese and Zinc Overdosing in Aging C. elegans Result in a Metallothionein‐Mediated Alteration in Metal HomeostasisBaesler, Jessica; Michaelis, Vivien; Stiboller, Michael; Haase, Hajo; Aschner, Michael; Schwerdtle, Tanja; Sturzenbaum, Stephen R.; Bornhorst, Julia-
journal.pone.0176069.pdf.jpg4-May-2017Persistent low serum zinc is associated with recurrent sepsis in critically ill patients - A pilot studyHoeger, Janine; Simon, Tim-Philipp; Beeker, Thorben; Marx, Gernot; Haase, Hajo; Schürholz, Tobias-
molecules-23-02624.pdf.jpg12-Oct-2018Synthesis and Structural Identification of a Biaryl Ether-Linked Zearalenone DimerKeller, Julia; Hantschke, Luisa; Haase, Hajo; Koch, Matthias-
biology-09-00468-v3.pdf.jpg14-Dec-2020Time- and Zinc-Related Changes in Biomechanical Properties of Human Colorectal Cancer Cells Examined by Atomic Force MicroscopyMaares, Maria; Keil, Claudia; Löher, Leif; Weber, Andreas; Andorfer-Sarr, Amsatou; Haase, Hajo; Iturri, Jagoba; Toca-Herrera, José L.-
toxins-10-00284.pdf.jpg9-Jul-2018Toxicity Assay for Citrinin, Zearalenone and Zearalenone-14-Sulfate Using the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans as Model OrganismKeller, Julia; Borzekowski, Antje; Haase, Hajo; Menzel, Ralph; Rueß, Liliane; Koch, Matthias-
nutrients-10-00976-v2.pdf.jpg27-Jul-2018Zinc and SepsisAlker, Wiebke; Haase, Hajo-