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Hartmann_Trappey_Advanced_2020.pdf.jpg2020Advanced Engineering Informatics - Philosophical and methodological foundations with examples from civil and construction engineeringHartmann, Timo; Trappey, Amy-
31-Oct-2020BIM-SPEED D2.2 BIM Family ontologiesPinzon Amorocho, Jerson Alexis; Hartmann, Timo-
31-Oct-2020BIM-SPEED D7.1 Multi-criteria decision making method and tool for housing renovation projectsPinzon Amorocho, Jerson Alexis; Hartmann, Timo-
bushra_hartmann_2022.pdf.jpgMar-2022Design optimization method for roof-integrated TSSCsBushra, Nayab; Hartmann, Timo-
Guyo_FirefightersDataRequirementOntology.pdf.jpg20-Jun-2022Development of an ontology for the representation of firefighters’ data requirements during building fire emergenciesGuyo, Eyosias; Hartmann, Timo-
bagenholm_hartmann_2021.pdf.jpgMar-2021Emerging Leadership Roles in Collaborative Engineering SessionsBagenholm, David; Hartmann, Timo-
15-Jul-2022Firefighters' Data Requirement OntologyGuyo, Eyosias; Hartmann, Timo-
21-Aug-2021A framework for BIM-based disassembly models to support reuse of building componentsâś°Sanchez, Benjamin; Rausch, Christopher; Haas, Carl; Hartmann, Timo-
27-May-2020GIS-based ontology for surrounding buildings to support building renovationDaneshfar, Maryam; Hartmann, Timo; Rabe, Jochen-
Guyo_InteroperabilityBetweenBIMandGIS.pdf.jpg2021Interoperability between BIM and GIS through open data standards: An overview of current literatureGuyo, Eyosias; Hartmann, Timo; Ungureanu, Lucian-
reserach_data_Zamanifar_Hartmann.pdf.jpg30-Aug-2020Literature review of optimization based decision model for disaster recovery planning of transportation networkZamanifar, Milad; Hartmann, Timo-
Champlin_etal_Mapping_2018.pdf.jpg2018Mapping the use of planning support in a strategy-making sessionChamplin, Carissa; Hartmann, Timo; Dewulf, Geert P. M. R.-
Daneshfar_etal_ontology_2022.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2022An ontology to represent geospatial data to support building renovationDaneshfar, Maryam; Hartmann, Timo; Rabe, Jochen-
Zamanifar-Hartmann_2020.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2020Optimization-based decision-making models for disaster recovery and reconstruction planning of transportation networksZamanifar, Milad; Hartmann, Timo-
bushra_etal_2022.pdf.jpg2022Performance assessment method for roof-integrated TSSCsBushra, Nayab; Hartmann, Timo; Ungureanu, Lucian Constantin-
proceedings-02-01157-v2.pdf.jpg25-Sep-2018Plug-and-Play Solutions for Energy-Efficiency Deep Renovation of European Building StockSebastian, Rizal; Gralka, Anna; Olivadese, Rosamaria; Arnesano, Marco; Revel, Gian Marco; Hartmann, Timo; Gutsche, Christoph-
zamanifar_hartmann_2021.pdf.jpg23-Jul-2021A prescriptive framework for recommending decision attributes of infrastructure disaster recovery problemsZamanifar, Milad; Hartmann, Timo-
14-Dec-2021A Proposed Ontology for Knowledge Representation in Designing Building Inspection Robot SystemsMa, Leyuan; Hartmann, Timo-
Amorcho_Hartmann_Reno-Inst_2021.pdf.jpg15-Sep-2021Reno-Inst: An ontology to support renovation projects planning and renovation products installationAmorocho, Jerson Alexis Pinzon; Hartmann, Timo-
14-Feb-2022Research data for a conference paper: Sensitivity analysis of building energy models due to the shading effect of surrounding buildings to support building renovationDaneshfar, Maryam; Hartmann, Timo; Rabe, Jochen-