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hess_2003.pdf.jpg2003Construction And Test Of Thermostats And Twirlers For Molecular RotationsHess, Siegfried-
kilian_hess_1989.pdf.jpg1989Derivation and Application of an Algorithm for the Numerical Calculation of the Local Orientation of Nematic Liquid CrystalsKilian, A.; Hess, Siegfried-
Koo & Hess 1987.pdf.jpg1987The Divergence of the Viscosity of a Fluid of Hard Spheres as an Indicator for the Fluid-Solid Phase TransitionKoo, Hyearn-Maw; Hess, Siegfried-
hess_etal_2009.pdf.jpg2009Flow Properties Inferred from Generalized Maxwell ModelsHess, Siegfried; Arlt, Bastian; Heidenreich, Sebastian; Ilg, Patrick; Goddard, Chris; Hess, Ortwin-
Hess_2005.pdf.jpg2005Flow Velocity and Effective Viscosity of a Fluid Containing Rigid Cylindrical InclusionsHess, Siegfried-
gruhn_hess_1996.pdf.jpg1996Monte Carlo Simulation of the Director Field of a Nematic Liquid Crystal with Three Elastic CoefficientsGruhn, Thomas; Hess, Siegfried-
ilg_hess_2003.pdf.jpg2003Nonequilibrium Dynamics and Magnetoviscosity of Moderately Concentrated Magnetic Liquids: A dynamic Mean-field StudyIlg, Patrick; Hess, Siegfried-
hess_1997.pdf.jpg1997On the Shock Front Thickness in Water and other Molecular LiquidsHess, Siegfried-
hess_su_1999.pdf.jpg1999Pressure and Isotropic-Nematic Transition Temperature of Model Liquid CrystalsHess, Siegfried; Su, Bin-
hess_sow_2002.pdf.jpg2002Squeeze-Flow in the Presence of a Temperature Gradient: Effective Attraction between Asperites in the Friction Zone of Two SolidsHess, Siegfried; Sow, Ahmet-
netz_hess_1992.pdf.jpg1992Static and Dynamic Properties of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals in the Vicinity of a First-Order SmA-SmC* Phase TransitionNetz, Roland R.; Hess, Siegfried-
Baalss & Hess 1988.pdf.jpg1988The Viscosity Coefficients of Oriented Nematic and Nematic Discotic Liquid Crystals; Affine Transformation ModelBaalss, D.; Hess, Siegfried-