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Dokument_22.pdf.jpg14-Jun-2011Aggregations- und Adsorptionsverhalten von Polymer-TensidmischungenHoffmann, Ingo-
c3sm27698h.pdf.jpg2013Complexes of oppositely charged polyelectrolytes and surfactants - recent developments in the field of biologically derived polyelectrolytesChiappisi, Leonardo; Hoffmann, Ingo; Gradzielski, Michael-
Simon_etal_Dynamics_2020.pdf.jpg20-Aug-2020Dynamics in polyelectrolyte/microemulsion complexesSimon, Miriam; Gradzielski, Michael; Hoffmann, Ingo-
hoffmann_etal_2014.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2014Dynamics of microemulsions bridged with hydrophobically end-capped star polymers studied by neutron spin-echoHoffmann, Ingo; de Molina, Paula Malo; Farago, Bela; Falus, Peter; Herfurth, Christoph; Laschewsky, André; Gradzielski, Michael-
hoffmann_etal_2018.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2018Dynamics of small unilamellar vesiclesHoffmann, Ingo; Hoffmann, Claudia; Farago, Bela; Prévost, Sylvain; Gradzielski, Michael-
del-sorbo_etal_2020.pdf.jpg14-Jan-2020On the Mechanism of Shear-Thinning in Viscous Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolyte Surfactant Complexes (PESCs)Del Sorbo, Giuseppe Rosario; Prévost, Sylvain; Schneck, Emanuel; Gradzielski, Michael; Hoffmann, Ingo-
hoffmann_etal_2015.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2015On the mesoscopic origins of high viscosities in some polyelectrolyte-surfactant mixturesHoffmann, Ingo; Farago, Bela; Schweins, Ralf; Falus, Peter; Sharp, Melissa; Prévost, Sylvain; Gradzielski, Michael-
c4nr00774c.pdf.jpg2014Softening of phospholipid membranes by the adhesion of silica nanoparticles - as seen by neutron spin-echo (NSE)Hoffmann, Ingo; Michel, Raphael; Sharp, Melissa; Holderer, Olaf; Appavou, Marie-Sousai; Polzer, Frank; Farago, Bela; Gradzielski, Michael-
hoffmann_etal_2016.pdf.jpg22-Sep-2016Structure and dynamics of polyelectrolyte surfactant mixtures under conditions of surfactant excessHoffmann, Ingo; Simon, Miriam; Farago, Bela; Schweins, Ralf; Falus, Peter; Holderer, Olaf; Gradzielski, Michael-
hoffmann_etal_2019.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2019Structure, Dynamics, and Composition of Large Clusters in Polyelectrolyte–Surfactant SystemsHoffmann, Ingo; Simon, Miriam; Bleuel, Markus; Falus, Peter; Gradzielski, Michael-