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Georgieva_etal_Absolute_2021.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2021Absolute calibration of a single-photon avalanche detector using a bright triggered single-photon source based on an InGaAs quantum dotGeorgieva, Hristina; López, Marco; Hofer, Helmuth; Kanold, Niklas; Kaganskiy, Arsenty; Rodt, Sven; Reitzenstein, Stephan; Kück, Stefan-
kaganskiy_etal_2015.pdf.jpg21-Jul-2015Advanced in-situ electron-beam lithography for deterministic nanophotonic device processingKaganskiy, Arsenty; Gschrey, Manuel; Schlehahn, Alexander; Schmidt, Ronny; Schulze, Jan-Hindrik; Heindel, Tobias; Strittmatter, André; Rodt, Sven; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
Kaganskij_etal_CSAR_2016.pdf.jpg29-Nov-2016CSAR 62 as negative-tone resist for high-contrast e-beam lithography at temperatures between 4 K and room temperatureKaganskiy, Arsenty; Heuser, Tobias; Schmidt, Ronny; Rodt, Sven; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
Schmidt_etal_Deterministicall_2020.pdf.jpg2020Deterministically fabricated spectrally-tunable quantum dot based single-photon sourceSchmidt, Marco; Helversen, Martin V.; Fischbach, Sarah; Kaganskiy, Arsenty; Schmidt, Ronny; Schliwa, Andrei; Heindel, Tobias; Rodt, Sven; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
Reitzenstein_article_2017_Efficient.pdf.jpg5-Jul-2017Efficient single-photon source based on a deterministically fabricated single quantum dot - microstructure with backside gold mirrorFischbach, Sarah; Kaganskiy, Arsenty; Tauscher, Esra Burcu Yarar; Gericke, Fabian; Thoma, Alexander; Schmidt, Ronny; Strittmatter, André; Heindel, Tobias; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
kaganskiy_arsenty.pdf.jpg2020Entwicklung und deterministische Herstellung von Mikrolasern und Einzelphotonenquellen auf Basis positionierter QuantenpunkteKaganskiy, Arsenty-
1.5050669.pdf.jpg28-Sep-2018Fabrication of dense diameter-tuned quantum dot micropillar arrays for applications in photonic information processingHeuser, Tobias; Große, Jan; Kaganskiy, Arsenty; Brunner, Daniel; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
1.5017692.pdf.jpg12-Feb-2018Micropillars with a controlled number of site-controlled quantum dotsKaganskiy, Arsenty; Gericke, Fabian; Heindel, Tobias; Porte, Xavier; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
Bremer_etal_2020.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2020Quantum dot single-photon emission coupled into single-mode fibers with 3D printed micro-objectivesBremer, Lucas; Weber, Ksenia; Fischbach, Sarah; Thiele, Simon; Schmidt, Marco; Kaganskiy, Arsenty; Rodt, Sven; Herkommer, Alois; Sartison, Marc; Portalupi, Simone Luca; Michler, Peter; Giessen, Harald; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
Georgieva_2020.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2020Radiometric characterization of a triggered narrow-bandwidth single-photon source and its use for the calibration of silicon single-photon avalanche detectorsGeorgieva, Hristina; López, Marco; Hofer, Helmuth; Christinck, Justus; Rodiek, Beatrice; Schnauber, Peter; Kaganskiy, Arsenty; Heindel, Tobias; Rodt, Sven; Reitzenstein, Stephan; Kück, Stefan-
Reitzenstein_article_2017.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2017Resonance fluorescence of a site-controlled quantum dot realized by the buried-stressor growth techniqueStrauß, Max; Kaganskiy, Arsenty; Voigt, Robert; Schnauber, Peter; Schulze, Jan-Hindrik; Rodt, Sven; Strittmatter, André; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
Schnauber_etal_Spectral_2021.pdf.jpg3-May-2021Spectral control of deterministically fabricated quantum dot waveguide systems using the quantum confined Stark effectSchnauber, Peter; Große, Jan; Kaganskiy, Arsenty; Ott, Maximilian; Anikin, Pavel; Schmidt, Ronny; Rodt, Sven; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
reitzenstein_etal_2018.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2018A stand-alone fiber-coupled single-photon sourceSchlehahn, Alexander; Fischbach, Sarah; Schmidt, Ronny; Kaganskiy, Arsenty; Strittmatter, André; Rodt, Sven; Heindel, Tobias; Reitzenstein, Stephan-