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njp13_4_045013.pdf.jpg22-Apr-2013Coherence dynamics and quantum-to-classical crossover in an exciton–cavity system in the quantum strong coupling regimeKasprzak, J.; Sivalertporn, K.; Albert, F.; Schneider, C.; Höfling, S.; Kamp, M.; Forchel, A.; Reitzenstein, Stefan; Muljarov, E. A.; Langbein, W.-
njp_20_2_023036.pdf.jpg15-Feb-2018Controlling the gain contribution of background emitters in few-quantum-dot microlasersGericke, F.; Segnon, M.; von Helversen, M.; Hopfmann, C.; Heindel, T.; Schneider, C.; Höfling, S.; Kamp, M.; Musiał, A.; Porte, X.; Gies, C.; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
jpconf13_456_012033.pdf.jpg2013Magnetic-field interaction of spatially confined quantum-well exciton-polaritonsRahimi-Iman, A.; Schneider, C.; Fischer, J.; Holzinger, S.; Amthor, M.; Worschech, L.; Reitzenstein, Stephan; Höfling, S.; Forchel, A.; Kamp, M.-
njp13_2_025030.pdf.jpg22-Feb-2013Nonlinear emission characteristics of quantum dot–micropillar lasers in the presence of polarized optical feedbackHopfmann, C.; Albert, F.; Schneider, C.; Höfling, S.; Kamp, M.; Forchel, A.; Kanter, I.; Reitzenstein, Stefan-
karow_etal_2016.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2016On-chip light detection using monolithically integrated quantum dot micropillarsKarow, Matthias M.; Munnelly, Pierce; Heindel, Tobias; Kamp, M.; Höfling, S.; Schneider, C.; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
njp_21_10_103025.pdf.jpg9-Oct-2019Photon-number parity of heralded single photons from a Bragg-reflection waveguide reconstructed loss-tolerantly via moment generating functionLaiho, K.; Schmidt, M.; Suchomel, H.; Kamp, M.; Höfling, S.; Schneider, C.; Beyer, J.; Weihs, G.; Reitzenstein, Stephan-
PhysRevX.7.021045.pdf.jpg22-Jun-2017Pump-Power-Driven Mode Switching in a Microcavity Device and Its Relation to Bose-Einstein CondensationLeymann, H. A. M.; Vorberg, D.; Lettau, T.; Hopfmann, Caspar; Schneider, C.; Kamp, M.; Höfling, S.; Ketzmerick, R.; Wiersig, J.; Reitzenstein, Stephan; Eckardt, A.-
qst_3_2_024002.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2018Semi-automatic engineering and tailoring of high-efficiency Bragg-reflection waveguide samples for quantum photonic applicationsPressl, Benedikt; Laiho, K.; Chen, H.; Günthner, T.; Schlager, A.; Auchter, S.; Suchomel, H.; Kamp, M.; Höfling, S.; Schneider, C.; Weihs, Gregor-