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fnut-07-00034.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2020Advancing the Role of Food Processing for Improved Integration in Sustainable Food ChainsKnorr, Dietrich; Augustin, Mary Ann; Tiwari, Brijesh-
oluwaseun_knorr.pdf.jpg2011Cellular injuries on spray‐dried Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and its stability during food storageOluwaseun Sunny‐Roberts, Elizabeth; Knorr, Dietrich-
fnut-07-598913.pdf.jpg3-Dec-2020COVID-19 and Food: Challenges and Research NeedsKnorr, Dietrich; Khoo, Chor-San H.-
10-1108_00346650710749080.pdf.jpg29-May-2007Flow cytometry assessment of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (ATCC 53103) response to non‐electrolytes stressSunny‐Roberts, Elizabeth Oluwaseun; Ananta, Edwin; Knorr, Dietrich-
fnut-04-00073.pdf.jpg19-Jan-2018Food for an Urban Planet: Challenges and Research OpportunitiesKnorr, Dietrich; Khoo, Chor San Heng; Augustin, Mary Ann-
fnut-02-00033.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2015Food Science without BordersKnorr, Dietrich; Khoo, Chor San Heng-
fnut-07-606378.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2021Goals in Nutrition Science 2020-2025Bassaganya-Riera, Josep; Berry, Elliot M.; Blaak, Ellen E.; Burlingame, Barbara; le Coutre, Johannes; van Eden, Willem; El-Sohemy, Ahmed; German, J. Bruce; Knorr, Dietrich; Lacroix, Christophe; Muscaritoli, Maurizio; Nieman, David C.; Rychlik, Michael; Scholey, Andrew; Serafini, Mauro-
fmicb-06-00652.pdf.jpg3-Jul-2015High pressure thermal inactivation of Clostridium botulinum type E endospores – kinetic modeling and mechanistic insightsLenz, Christian A.; Reineke, Kai; Knorr, Dietrich; Vogel, Rudi F.-
10-1108_00070700710780706.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2007Physiological analysis oflactobacillus rhamnosusVTT E‐97800Sunny‐Roberts, Elizabeth Oluwaseun; Knorr, Dietrich-
1-s2.0-S1466856416301771-main.pdf.jpg4-Aug-2016Recommendations guidelines on the key information to be reported in studies of application of PEF technology in food and biotechnological processesRaso, Javier; Frey, Wolfgang; Ferrari, Giovanna; Pataro, Gianpiero; Knorr, Dietrich; Teissie, Justin; Miklavčič, Damijan-