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sustainability-12-04964-v2.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2020Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Urban DevelopmentKowarik, Ingo; Fischer, Leonie K.; Kendal, Dave-
sustainability-12-02565.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2020CityScapeLab Berlin: A Research Platform for Untangling Urbanization Effects on BiodiversityLippe, Moritz von der; Buchholz, Sascha; Hiller, Anne; Seitz, Birgit; Kowarik, Ingo-
sustainability-12-03507.pdf.jpg25-Apr-2020Dog Walkers’ Views of Urban Biodiversity across Five European CitiesFischer, Leonie K.; Kowarik, Ingo-
10.1890.ES14-00330.1.pdf.jpg2015Drivers of carbon sequestration by biomass compartment of riparian forestsRieger, Isaak; Kowarik, Ingo; Cierjacks, Arne-
sustainability-11-06318.pdf.jpg11-Nov-2019Emerging Urban Forests: Opportunities for Promoting the Wild Side of the Urban Green InfrastructureKowarik, Ingo; Hiller, Anne; Planchuelo, Greg; Seitz, Birgit; von der Lippe, Moritz; Buchholz, Sascha-
fevo-08-00018.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2020Endangered Plants in Novel Urban Ecosystems Are Filtered by Strategy Type and Dispersal Syndrome, Not by Spatial Dependence on Natural RemnantsPlanchuelo, Greg; Kowarik, Ingo; von der Lippe, Moritz-
Kowarik_Herbert_2020.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2020Herbert Sukopp – an inspiring pioneer in the field of urban ecologyKowarik, Ingo-
Lemke_etal_Interaction_2021.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2021Interaction of traffic intensity and habitat features shape invasion dynamics of an invasive alien species (Ambrosia artemisiifolia) in a regional road networkLemke, Andreas; Buchholz, Sascha; Kowarik, Ingo; Starfinger, Uwe; Lippe, Moritz von der-
forests-10-01156.pdf.jpg17-Dec-2019Linkages between Phosphorus and Plant Diversity in Central European Forest Ecosystems—Complementarity or Competition?Rieger, Isaak; Kowarik, Ingo; Ziche, Daniel; Wellbrock, Nicole; Cierjacks, Arne-
2012_Kowarik_Liu_etal.pdf.jpg2012Plant invasions in China: an emerging hot topic in invasion scienceLiu, Jian; Chen, Hua; Kowarik, Ingo; Zhang, Yiran; Wang, Renqing-
JPE_JPE13661.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2020Plant traits, biotopes and urbanization dynamics explain the survival of endangered urban plant populationsPlanchuelo, Greg; Kowarik, Ingo; von der Lippe, Moritz-
planchuelo_etal_2019.pdf.jpg21-May-2019Untangling the role of urban ecosystems as habitats for endangered plant speciesPlanchuelo, Gregorio; von der Lippe, Moritz; Kowarik, Ingo-
sustainability-10-01873-v4.pdf.jpg4-Jun-2018Urban foraging in Berlin: people, plants and practices within the metropolitan green infrastructureLandor-Yamagata, Jonah L.; Kowarik, Ingo; Fischer, Leonie Katharina-
s41598-019-42884-6.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2019Urbanisation modulates plant-pollinator interactions in invasive vs. native plant speciesBuchholz, Sascha; Kowarik, Ingo-