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Preprint-19-2014.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2014Asymptomatic Analysis of Inpainting via Universal Shearlet SystemsGenzel, Martin; Kutyniok, Gitta-
Preprint-23-2014.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2014Cartoon Approximation with α-CurveletsGrohs, Philipp; Keiper, Sandra; Kutyniok, Gitta; Schäfer, Martin-
Preprint-18-2014.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2014Gabor ShearletsBodmann, Bernhard G.; Kutyniok, Gitta; Zhuang, Xiaosheng-
Preprint-20-2014.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2014Image interpolation using Shearlet based iterative refinementLakshman, Haricharan; Lim, Wang-Q; Schwarz, Heiko; Marpe, Detlev; Kutyniok, Gitta; Wiegand, Thomas-
Preprint-22-2014.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2014Linear Stable Sampling Rate: Optimality of 2D Wavelet Reconstructions from Fourier MeasurementsAdcock, Ben; Hansen, Anders C.; Kutyniok, Gitta; Ma, Jackie-
Preprint-24-2014.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2014Measures of ScalabilityChen, Xuemei; Kutyniok, Gitta; Okoudjou, Kasso; Philipp, Friedrich; Wang, Rongrong-
Preprint-26-2014.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2014Regularization and Numerical Solution of the Inverse Scattering Problem using FramesKutyniok, Gitta; Mehrmann, Volker; Petersen, Philipp-
Preprint-21-2014.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2014ShearLab 3D: Faithful Digital Shearlet Transforms based on Compactly Supported ShearletsKutyniok, Gitta; Lim, Wang-Q; Reisenhofer, Rafael-
s12859-017-1565-4.pdf.jpg2017Sparse Proteomics Analysis – a compressed sensing-based approach for feature selection and classification of high-dimensional proteomics mass spectrometry dataConrad, Tim O. F.; Genzel, Martin; Cvetkovic, Nada; Wulkow, Niklas; Leichtle, Alexander; Vybiral, Jan; Kutyniok, Gitta; Schütte, Christof-
Preprint-25-2014.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2014α-MoleculesGrohs, Philipp; Keiper, Sandra; Kutyniok, Gitta; Schäfer, Martin-