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Report-004-2010.pdf.jpg2010A Branch-and-Price Algorithm for Multi-Mode Resource LevelingCoughlan, Eamonn T.; Lübbecke, Marco E.; Schulz, Jens-
Report-003-2010.pdf.jpg2010A Constraint Integer Programming Approach for Resource-Constrained Project SchedulingBerthold, Timo; Heinz, Stefan; Lübbecke, Marco E.; Möhring, Rolf H.; Schulz, Jens-
Report-009-2008.pdf.jpg2008Curriculum based course timetabling: Optimal solutions to the Udine benchmark instancesLach, Gerald; Lübbecke, Marco E.-
Report-042-2003.pdf.jpg2003Dual Variable Based Fathoming in Dynamic Programs for Column GenerationLübbecke, Marco E.-
Report-043-2003.pdf.jpg2003A Fast Algorithm for Near Cost Optimal Line PlansBussieck, Michael R.; Lindner, Thomas; Lübbecke, Marco E.-
Report-037-2003.pdf.jpg2003Minimizing the Stabbing Number of Matchings, Trees, and TriangulationsFekete, Sándor P.; Lübbecke, Marco E.; Meijer, Henk-
Report-025-2003.pdf.jpg2003On Compact Formulations for Integer Programs Solved by Column GenerationVilleneuve, Daniel; Desrosiers, Jacques; Lübbecke, Marco E.; Soumis, Francois-
Report-007-2005.pdf.jpg2005On Minimum Monotone and Unimodal Partitions of PermutationsStefano, Gabriele Di; Krause, Stefan; Lübbecke, Marco E.; Zimmermann, Uwe T.-
Report-045-2007.pdf.jpg2007Optimal University Course Timetables and the Partial Transversal PolytopeLach, Gerald; Lübbecke, Marco E.-
Report-028-2006.pdf.jpg2006Optimizing the Cargo Express Service of Swiss Federal RailwaysCeselli, Alberto; Gatto, Michael; Lübbecke, Marco E.; Nunkesser, Marc; Schilling, Heiko-
Report-048-2003.pdf.jpg2003A Primer in Column GenerationDesrosiers, Jacques; Lübbecke, Marco E.-
Report-037-2004.pdf.jpg2004Rectangle Covers Revisited ComputationallyHeinrich-Litan, Laura; Lübbecke, Marco E.-
Report-008-2004.pdf.jpg2004Selected Topics in Column GenerationLübbecke, Marco E.; Desrosiers, Jacques-
Report-001-2009.pdf.jpg2009Sequencing and Scheduling in Coil Coating with ShuttlesHöhn, Wiebke; König, Felix G.; Lübbecke, Marco E.; Möhring, Rolf H.-
Report-009-2004.pdf.jpg2004Shunting Minimal Rail Car AllocationLübbecke, Marco E.; Zimmermann, Uwe T.-
Report-004-2007.pdf.jpg2007Solutions to Real-World Instances of PSPACE-Complete StackingKönig, Felix G.; Lübbecke, Marco E.; Möhring, Rolf H.; Schäfer, Guido; Spenke, Ines-
Report-036-2007.pdf.jpg2007Sorting with Complete Networks of StacksKönig, Felix G.; Lübbecke, Marco E.-