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1-s2.0-S2212827115004953-main.pdf.jpg2015Addressing sustainability and flexibility in manufacturing via smart modular machine tool frames to support sustainable value creationPeukert, Bernd; Benecke, Stephan; Clavell, Janire; Neugebauer, Sabrina; Nissen, Nils F.; Uhlmann, Eckart; Lang, Klaus-Dieter; Finkbeiner, Matthias-
Chancerel_et_at_2013.pdf.jpg2013Data availability and the need for research to localize, quantify and recycle critical metals in information technology, telecommunication and consumer equipmentChancerel, Perrine; Rotter, Vera Susanne; Ueberschaar, Maximilian; Marwede, Max; Nissen, Nils F.; Lang, Klaus-Dieter-
micromachines-09-00266.pdf.jpg28-May-2018Design and Application of a High-G Piezoresistive Acceleration Sensor for High-Impact ApplicationHu, Xiaodong; Mackowiak, Piotr; Bäuscher, Manuel; Ehrmann, Oswin; Lang, Klaus-Dieter; Schneider-Ramelow, Martin; Linke, Stefan; Ngo, Ha-Duong-
micromachines-11-00474.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2020Development and Characterization of a Novel Low-Cost Water-Level and Water Quality Monitoring Sensor by Using Enhanced Screen Printing Technology with PEDOT:PSSWang, Bei; Bäuscher, Manuel; Hu, Xiaodong; Wöhrmann, Markus; Becker, Katharina; Jürgensen, Nils; Hubl, Moritz; Mackowiak, Piotr; Schneider-Ramelow, Martin; Lang, Klaus-Dieter; Ngo, Ha-Duong-
curran_etal_2015.pdf.jpg2015Modeling and characterization of PCB coils for inductive wireless chargingCurran, Brian; Maaß, Uwe; Fotheringham, Gerhard; Stevens, Nobby; Ndip, Ivan; Lang, Klaus-Dieter-
proceedings-02-00716.pdf.jpg21-Dec-2018A Novel Low Cost Wireless Incontinence Sensor System (Screen-Printed Flexible Sensor System) for Wireless Urine Detection in Incontinence MaterialsNgo, Ha-Duong; Hoang, Thanh Hai; Baeuscher, Manuel; Wang, Bei; Mackowiak, Piotr; Grabbert, Nils; Weiland, Thomas; Ehrmann, Oswin; Lang, Klaus-Dieter; Schneider-Ramelow, Martin; Grudno, Jens-
micromachines-12-01429-v3.pdf.jpg21-Nov-2021Recent Advances and Challenges of Nanomaterials-Based Hydrogen SensorsWang, Bei; Sun, Ling; Schneider-Ramelow, Martin; Lang, Klaus-Dieter; Ngo, Ha-Duong-