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Popov_etal_Adhesion_2021.pdf.jpg29-Jan-2021Adhesion and friction in hard and soft contacts: theory and experimentPopov, Valentin L.; Li, Qiang; Lyashenko, Iakov A.; Pohrt, Roman-
li_popov_2018.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2018Adhesive contact of rough brushesLi, Qiang; Popov, Valentin L.-
li_popov_2018.pdf.jpg2018Adhesive force of flat indenters with brush-structureLi, Qiang; Popov, Valentin L.-
fmech-05-00007.pdf.jpg26-Mar-2019Adhesive Strength of Contacts of Rough SpheresLi, Qiang; Pohrt, Roman; Popov, Valentin L.-
10.1177_1350650119854250.pdf.jpgJan-2020Boundary element method for nonadhesive and adhesive contacts of a coated elastic half-spaceLi, Qiang; Pohrt, Roman; Lyashenko, Iakov A.; Popov, Valentin L.-
s41598-018-32545-5.pdf.jpg21-Sep-2018Heterogeneity of material structure determines the stationary surface topography and frictionLi, Qiang; Voll, Lars; Starcevic, Jasminka; Popov, Valentin L.-
li_popov_2016.pdf.jpg2016Indentation of flat-ended and tapered indenters with polygonal cross-sectionsLi, Qiang; Popov, Valentin L.-
fmech-07-658858.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2021Influence of Chemical Heterogeneity and Third Body on Adhesive Strength: Experiment and SimulationLyashenko, Iakov A.; Li, Qiang; Popov, Valentin L.-
willert_li_popov_2016.pdf.jpg2016The JKR-adhesive normal contact problem of axisymmetric rigid punches with a flat annular shape or concave profilesWillert, Emanuel; Li, Qiang; Popov, Valentin L.-
fmech-06-00063.pdf.jpg2-Sep-2020Non-adhesive Contacts With Different Surface Tension Inside and Outside the Contact AreaLi, Qiang; Popov, Valentin L.-
li_popov_2017.pdf.jpg2017Normal line contact of finite-length cylindersLi, Qiang; Popov, Valentin L.-
li_popov_2020.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2020A numerical study of JKR-type adhesive contact of ellipsoidsLi, Qiang; Popov, Valentin L.-
micromachines-13-01141.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2022Preparation of Micro-Pit-Textured PCD Tools and Micro-Turning Experiment on SiCp/Al CompositesWang, Xu; Popov, Valentin L.; Yu, Zhanjiang; Li, Yiquan; Xu, Jinkai; Li, Qiang; Yu, Huadong-
lubricants-08-00094.pdf.jpg16-Oct-2020Simulation of Adhesive Contact of Soft MicrofibrilsHe, Xin; Li, Qiang; Popov, Valentin L.-
li_qiang.pdf.jpg14-Oct-2014Simulation of friction and wear using the method of dimensionality reductionLi, Qiang-
He_etal_Strength_2021_Cover.pdf.jpg10-Jun-2021Strength of adhesive contact between a rough fibrillar structure and an elastic body: influence of fibrillar stiffnessHe, Xin; Li, Qiang; Popov, Valentin L.-
popov_etal_2017.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2017Strength of adhesive contacts: Influence of contact geometry and material gradientsPopov, Valentin L.; Pohrt, Roman; Li, Qiang-
lubricants-06-00028.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2018Wear Analysis of a Heterogeneous Annular CylinderLi, Qiang; Forsbach, Fabian; Schuster, Maximilian; Pielsticker, Daniel; Popov, Valentin L.-