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Report-003-2007.pdf.jpg2007Benchmarks for Strictly Fundamental Cycle BasesLiebchen, Christian; Wünsch, Gregor; Köhler, Ekkehard; Reich, Alexander; Rizzi, Romeo-
Report-736-2002.pdf.jpg2002A Case Study in Periodic TimetablingLiebchen, Christian; Möhring, Rolf H.-
Report-018-2005.pdf.jpg2005Classes of Cycle BasesLiebchen, Christian; Rizzi, Romeo-
Report-017-2007.pdf.jpg2007Computing Delay Resistant Railway TimetablesLiebchen, Christian; Schachtebeck, Michael; Schöbel, Anita; Stiller, Sebastian; Prigge, André-
Report-006-2005.pdf.jpg2005A Cut-based Heuristic to Produce Almost Feasible Periodic Railway TimetablesLiebchen, Christian-
Report-024-2006.pdf.jpg2006Delay Resistant TimetablingLiebchen, Christian; Stiller, Sebastian-
Report-012-2003.pdf.jpg2003Finding Short Integral Cycle Bases for Cyclic TimetablingLiebchen, Christian-
Report-031-2004.pdf.jpg2004A Greedy Approach to Compute a Minimum Cycle Bases of a Directed GraphLiebchen, Christian; Rizzi, Romeo-
Report-049-2003.pdf.jpg2003Information on MIPLIB's timetab-instancesLiebchen, Christian; Möhring, Rolf H.-
Report-020-2004.pdf.jpg2004The Modeling Power of the Periodic Event Scheduling Problem: Railway Timetables - and BeyondLiebchen, Christian; Möhring, Rolf H.-
Report-032-2006.pdf.jpg2006A New Bound on the Length of Minimum Cycle BasesLiebchen, Christian; Rizzi, Romeo-
Report-022-2007.pdf.jpg2007New Length Bounds for Cycle BasesElkin, Michael; Liebchen, Christian; Rizzi, Romeo-
Report-761-2002.pdf.jpg2002On Cyclic Timetabling and Cycles in GraphsLiebchen, Christian; Peeters, Leon-
Report-021-2004.pdf.jpg2004Performance of Algorithms for Periodic Timetable OptimizationLiebchen, Christian; Proksch, Mark; Wagner, Frank H.-
Report-716-2001.pdf.jpg2001The Periodic Assignment Problem (PAP) May Be Solved GreedilyLiebchen, Christian-
Report-007-2006.pdf.jpg2006Reducing the Optimality Gap of Strictly Fundamental Cycle Bases in Planar GridsKöhler, Ekkehard; Liebchen, Christian; Rizzi, Romeo; Wünsch, Gregor-
Report-027-2008.pdf.jpg2008The second Chvátal closure can yield better railway timetablesLiebchen, Christian; Swarat, Elmar-
Report-016-2003.pdf.jpg2003Symmetry for Periodic Railway TimetablesLiebchen, Christian-
Report-013-2006.pdf.jpg2006The Zoo of Tree Spanner ProblemsLiebchen, Christian; Wünsch, Gregor-