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Report-042-2004.pdf.jpg2004Acceleration of Shortest Path and Constrained Shortest Path ComputationKöhler, Ekkehard; Möhring, Rolf H.; Schilling, Heiko-
Report-595-1998.pdf.jpg1998Approximation in stochastic scheduling: The power of LP-based priority policiesMöhring, Rolf H.; Schulz, Andreas S.; Uetz, Marc-
Report-736-2002.pdf.jpg2002A Case Study in Periodic TimetablingLiebchen, Christian; Möhring, Rolf H.-
Report-011-2009.pdf.jpg2009Characterizing the Existence of Potential Functions in Weighted Congestion GamesHarks, Tobias; Klimm, Max; Möhring, Rolf H.-
Report-554-1997.pdf.jpg1997Complexity and Modeling Aspects of Mesh Refinement into QuadrilateralsMöhring, Rolf H.; Müller-Hannemann, Matthias-
Report-609-1998.pdf.jpg1998A computational study on bounding the makespan distribution in stochastic project networksLudwig, Arfst; Möhring, Rolf H.; Stork, Frederik-
Report-026-2004.pdf.jpg2004Conflict-free Real-time AGV RoutingMöhring, Rolf H.; Köhler, Ekkehard; Gawrilow, Ewgenij; Stenzel, Björn-
Report-003-2010.pdf.jpg2010A Constraint Integer Programming Approach for Resource-Constrained Project SchedulingBerthold, Timo; Heinz, Stefan; Lübbecke, Marco E.; Möhring, Rolf H.; Schulz, Jens-
Report-009-2009.pdf.jpg2009Decision Support and Optimization in Shutdown and Turnaround SchedulingMegow, Nicole; Möhring, Rolf H.; Schulz, Jens-
Report-039-2007.pdf.jpg2007Dynamic Routing of Automated Guided Vehicles in Real-timeGawrilow, Ewgenij; Köhler, Ekkehard; Möhring, Rolf H.; Stenzel, Björn-
Report-646-1999.pdf.jpg1999Forcing Relations for AND/OR Precedence ConstraintsMöhring, Rolf H.; Skutella, Martin; Stork, Frederik-
Report-049-2003.pdf.jpg2003Information on MIPLIB's timetab-instancesLiebchen, Christian; Möhring, Rolf H.-
Report-612-1998.pdf.jpg1998Linear preselective policies for stochastic project schedulingMöhring, Rolf H.; Stork, Frederik-
Report-027-2004.pdf.jpg2004Minimizing Total Delay in Fixed-Time Controlled Traffic NetworksKöhler, Ekkehard; Möhring, Rolf H.; Wünsch, Gregor-
Report-020-2004.pdf.jpg2004The Modeling Power of the Periodic Event Scheduling Problem: Railway Timetables - and BeyondLiebchen, Christian; Möhring, Rolf H.-
Report-664-2000.pdf.jpg2000On Project Scheduling with Irregular Starting Time CostsMöhring, Rolf H.; Schulz, Andreas S.; Stork, Frederik; Uetz, Marc-
Report-014-2006.pdf.jpg2006Optimal Route Assignment in Large Scale Micro-SimulationsBalmer, Michael; Edelhoff, Torben; Möhring, Rolf H.; Schilling, Heiko-
Report-658-1999.pdf.jpg1999Optimal Routing of Traffic Flows with Length Restrictions in Networks with CongestionJahn, Olaf; Möhring, Rolf H.; Schulz, Andreas S.-
Report-011-2005.pdf.jpg2005Partitioning Graphs to Speed Up Dijkstra's AlgorithmMöhring, Rolf H.; Schilling, Heiko; Schütz, Birk; Wagner, Dorothea; Willhalm, Thomas-
Report-596-1998.pdf.jpg1998Resource constrained project scheduling with time windows: A branching scheme based on dynamic release datesFest, Andreas; Möhring, Rolf H.; Stork, Frederik; Uetz, Marc-