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Mostofi_etal_Association_2020.pdf.jpg13-Jul-2020The association between regular use of ridesourcing and walking mode choice in Cairo and TehranMostofi, Hamid; Masoumi, Houshmand; Dienel, Hans-Liudger-
ijerph-17-08767-v2.pdf.jpg25-Nov-2020The Association between the Regular Use of ICT Based Mobility Services and the Bicycle Mode Choice in Tehran and CairoMostofi, Hamid; Masoumi, Houshmand; Dienel, Hans-Liudger-
ijerph-17-09149-v2.pdf.jpg7-Dec-2020Children’s Independent Mobility to School in Seven European Countries: A Multinomial Logit ModelMasoumi, Houshmand; Rooijen, Martin van; Sierpiński, Grzegorz-
sustainability-14-03923-v2.pdf.jpg26-Mar-2022The Determinants of Walking Behavior before and during COVID-19 in Middle-East and North Africa: Evidence from Tabriz, IranKamelifar, Mohammad Javad; Ranjbarnia, Behzad; Masoumi, Houshmand-
sustainability-14-06377-v2.pdf.jpg23-May-2022The Land Use and Individual Correlates of Pedestrian Commuting: Who Walks to Their Work or Place of Study in the Large Cities of the MENA Region?Masoumi, Houshmand; Sierpiński, Grzegorz-
land-10-01245-v2.pdf.jpg14-Nov-2021The Neighborhood Effect on Keeping Non-Commuting Journeys within Compact and Sprawled DistrictsMehriar, Melika; Masoumi, Houshmand; Aslam, Atif Bilal; Gillani, Syed Mubasher-
Masoumi_etal_Relation_2021.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2021The relation between residential self-selection and urban mobility in Middle Eastern cities: the case of Alexandria, EgyptMasoumi, Houshmand; Ibrahim, Mohamed R.; Aslam, Atif Bilal-
applsci-11-11015.pdf.jpg20-Nov-2021The Relations between Street Network Configuration and Travel Behavior in Pakistan; the Optimal Level of Street Connectivity for a More Active MobilityMehriar, Melika; Masoumi, Houshmand; Aslam, Atif Bilal; Gillani, Syed Mubasher; Suhail, Tuba; Zulfiqar, Ayesha-
sustainability-12-08134.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2020The Relationship between Regular Use of Ridesourcing and Frequency of Public Transport Use in the MENA Region (Tehran and Cairo)Mostofi, Hamid; Masoumi, Houshmand; Dienel, Hans-Liudger-
sustainability-14-03163.pdf.jpg8-Mar-2022Relationship of Residential Location Choice with Commute Travels and Socioeconomics in the Small Towns of South Asia: The Case of Hafizabad, PakistanMasoumi, Houshmand; Aslam, Atif Bilal; Rana, Irfan Ahmad; Ahmad, Muhammad; Naeem, Nida-
sustainability-13-05757-v2.pdf.jpg20-May-2021Residential Location Choice in Istanbul, Tehran, and Cairo: The Importance of Commuting to WorkMasoumi, Houshmand-
urbansci-04-00039-v2.pdf.jpg23-Aug-2020Urban Commute Travel Distances in Tehran, Istanbul, and Cairo: Weighted Least Square ModelsMasoumi, Houshmand-
sustainability-12-09620-v3.pdf.jpg18-Nov-2020Urban Sprawl, Socioeconomic Features, and Travel Patterns in Middle East Countries: A Case Study in IranMehriar, Melika; Masoumi, Houshmand; Mohino, Inmaculada-