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1-s2.0-S1876610215011765-main.pdf.jpg2015Advanced exergoeconomic analysis of a power plant with CO2 capturePetrakopoulou, Fontina; Tsatsaronis, George; Morosuk, Tatiana-
applsci-07-01213-v2.pdf.jpg24-Nov-2017A Comparative Exergoeconomic Evaluation of the Synthesis Routes for Methanol Production from Natural GasBlumberg, Timo; Morosuk, Tatiana; Tsatsaronis, George-
entropy-21-01164-v2.pdf.jpg28-Nov-2019Exergetic and Economic Evaluation of a Transcritical Heat-Driven Compression Refrigeration System with CO2 as the Working Fluid under Hot Climatic ConditionsLuo, Jing; Morosuk, Tatiana; Tsatsaronis, George; Tashtoush, Bourhan-
energies-14-07174-v2.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2021Exergetic and Economic Evaluation of CO2 Liquefaction ProcessesChen, Feng; Morosuk, Tatiana-
entropy-22-00702-v2.pdf.jpg24-Jun-2020Exergy and Exergoeconomic Analysis of a Cogeneration Hybrid Solar Organic Rankine Cycle with EjectorTashtoush, Bourhan; Morosuk, Tatiana; Chudasama, Jigar-
entropy-22-00655-v2.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2020Exergy-Based Analysis and Optimization of an Integrated Solar Combined-Cycle Power PlantElmorsy, Louay; Morosuk, Tatiana; Tsatsaronis, George-
energies-12-00493-v2.pdf.jpg4-Feb-2019Exergy-Based and Economic Evaluation of Liquefaction Processes for Cryogenics Energy StorageHamdy, Sarah; Moser, Francisco; Morosuk, Tatiana; Tsatsaronis, George-
ER_ER5857.pdf.jpg2-Sep-2020Investigation of off‚Äźdesign characteristics of an improved recompression supercritical carbon dioxide cycle for concentrated solar power applicationMa, Yuegeng; Morosuk, Tatiana; Liu, Ming; Liu, Jiping-
processes-07-00050-v2.pdf.jpg19-Jan-2019Model-Based Cost Optimization of Double-Effect Water-Lithium Bromide Absorption Refrigeration SystemsMussati, Sergio F.; Mansouri, Seyed Soheil; Gernaey, Krist V.; Morosuk, Tatiana; Mussati, Miguel C.-
energies-14-07633-v2.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2021Solar-Hybrid Cold Energy Storage System Coupled with Cooling Pads Backup: A Step towards Decentralized Storage of PerishablesMunir, Anjum; Ashraf, Tallha; Amjad, Waseem; Ghafoor, Abdul; Rehman, Sidrah; Malik, Aman Ullah; Hensel, Oliver; Sultan, Muhammad; Morosuk, Tatiana-
ER_ER5213.pdf.jpg12-Feb-2020Splitting the dynamic exergy destruction within a building energy system into endogenous and exogenous parts using measured data from the building automation systemSayadi, Saeed; Tsatsaronis, George; Morosuk, Tatiana-
entropy-22-00428-v2.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2020Superstructure-Based Optimization of Vapor Compression-Absorption Cascade Refrigeration SystemsMussati, Sergio F.; Morosuk, Tatiana; Mussati, Miguel C.-