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muschik_2012.pdf.jpg2012Book Review: Physics of Self-Organization and Evolution, Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2011, ISBN 978-3-527-40963-1, by Rainer Feistel and Werner EbelingMuschik, Wolfgang-
jnetdy-2013-0024.pdf.jpg2013Brief remark on material motion dependenceMuschik, Wolfgang-
Muschik_Siebert_Herrmann_Rückner_2005.pdf.jpg2005Close-to-Fourier heat conduction equation of solids of constant mass densityMuschik, Wolfgang; Siebert, Jürgen; Herrmann, Heiko; Rückner, Gunnar-
muschik_borzeszkowski_2007.pdf.jpg2007Comment on the Article “Relativistic Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics Revisited”Muschik, Wolfgang; Borzeszkowski, Horst-Heino von-
Muschik_Ehrentraut_Papenfuss_2000.pdf.jpg2000Concepts of Mesoscopic Continuum Physics With Application to Biaxial Liquid CrystalsMuschik, Wolfgang; Ehrentraut, Harald; Papenfuss, Christina-
muschik_2009.pdf.jpg2009Contact Quantities and Non-Equilibrium Entropy of Discrete SystemsMuschik, Wolfgang-
entropy-21-01034-v2.pdf.jpg24-Oct-2019Covariant Relativistic Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamics of Multi-Component SystemsMuschik, Wolfgang-
Kato_Kaufmann_Muschik_Schirrmeister_2000.pdf.jpg2000Different Dynamics and Entropy Rates in Quantum-ThermodynamicsKato, Akiko; Kaufmann, M.; Muschik, Wolfgang; Schirrmeister, D.-
muschik_2021.pdf.jpg5-Jul-2021Discrete systems in thermal physics and engineering: a glance from non-equilibrium thermodynamicsMuschik, Wolfgang-
muschik_gümbel_1999.pdf.jpg1999Does Clausius' Inequality Analogue Exist for Open Discrete Systems?Muschik, Wolfgang; Gümbel, Sebastian-
papenfuss_etal_2007.pdf.jpg2007Dynamics of the Size and Orientation Distribution of Microcracks and Evolution of Macroscopic Damage ParametersPapenfuss, Christina; Böhme, Thomas; Herrmann, Heiko; Muschik, Wolfgang; Verhás, Joseph-
muschik_hoffmann_2006.pdf.jpg2006Endoreversible Thermodynamics: A Tool for Simulating and Comparing Processes of Discrete SystemsMuschik, Wolfgang; Hoffmann, Karl Heinz-
triani_etal_2008.pdf.jpg2008Exploitation of the Second Law: Coleman–Noll and Liu Procedure in ComparisonTriani, Vita; Papenfuss, Christina; Cimmelli, Vito A.; Muschik, Wolfgang-
muschik_1998.pdf.jpg1998Irreversibility and Second LawMuschik, Wolfgang-
muschik_badescu_2008.pdf.jpg2008Irreversible Jaynes Engine for More Efficient HeatingMuschik, Wolfgang; Badescu, Viorel-
entropy-20-00081-v2.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2018Macroscopic Internal Variables and Mesoscopic Theory: A Comparison Considering Liquid CrystalsPapenfuss, Christina; Muschik, Wolfgang-
10.1515.JNETDY.2004.006.pdf.jpg2004Mesoscopic theory of liquid crystalsMuschik, Wolfgang; Papenfuss, Christina; Ehrentraut, Harald-
entropy-22-00997-v2.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2020Modeling, Simulation, and Reconstruction of 2-Reservoir Heat-to-Power Processes in Finite-Time ThermodynamicsMuschik, Wolfgang; Hoffmann, Karl Heinz-
Radzikowska_Kotowski_Muschik_2001.pdf.jpg2001A Nonequilibrium Evolution Criterion for Electromagnetic BodiesRadzikowska, Eugenia; Kotowski, Romuald; Muschik, Wolfgang-
10.1515.JNETDY.2004.012.pdf.jpg2004Remarks on thermodynamical terminologyMuschik, Wolfgang-