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kirste_etal_2013.pdf.jpg8-Mar-2013Compensation effects in GaN:Mg probed by Raman spectroscopy and photoluminescence measurementsKirste, Ronny; Hoffmann, Marc P.; Tweedie, James; Bryan, Zachary; Callsen, Gordon; Kure, Thomas; Nenstiel, Christian; Wagner, Markus R.; Collazo, Ramón; Hoffmann, Axel; Sitar, Zlatko-
2016_nippert_et-al.pdf.jpg2016Determination of recombination coefficients in InGaN quantum-well light-emitting diodes by small-signal time-resolved photoluminescenceNippert, Felix; Karpov, Sergey; Pietzonka, Ines; Galler, Bastian; Wilm, Alexander; Kure, Thomas; Nenstiel, Christian; Callsen, Gordon; Strassburg, Martin; Lugauer, Hans-Jürgen-
callsen_etal_2011.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2011Phonon deformation potentials in wurtzite GaN and ZnO determined by uniaxial pressure dependent Raman measurementsCallsen, Gordon; Reparaz, Juan Sebastián; Wagner, Markus R.; Kirste, Ronny; Nenstiel, Christian; Hoffmann, Axel; Phillips, Matthew R.-
2016_nippert_et-al.pdf.jpg2016Polarization-induced confinement of continuous hole-states in highly pumped, industrial-grade, green InGaN quantum wellsNippert, Felix; Nirschl, Anna; Schulz, Tobias; Callsen, Gordon; Pietzonka, Ines; Westerkamp, Steffen; Kure, Thomas; Nenstiel, Christian; Strassburg, Martin; Albrecht, Martin; Hoffmann, Axel-
gogova_etal_2013.pdf.jpg29-May-2013Structural and optical investigation of non-polar (1-100) GaN grown by the ammonothermal methodGogova, Daniela; Petrov, P. P.; Bügler, Max; Wagner, Markus R.; Nenstiel, Christian; Callsen, Gordon; Schmidbauer, Martin; Kucharski, R.; Zajac, M.; Dwilinski, R.; Phillips, M. R.; Hoffmann, Axel; Fornari, Roberto-
2016_nippert_etal.pdf.jpg2016Temperature-dependent recombination coefficients in InGaN light-emitting diodesNippert, Felix; Karpov, Sergey Yu.; Callsen, Gordon; Galler, Bastian; Kure, Thomas; Nenstiel, Christian; Wagner, Markus R.; Strassburg, Martin; Lugauer, Hans-Jürgen; Hoffmann, Axel-