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sustainability-12-09110.pdf.jpg2-Nov-2020Decrypting the Belt and Road Initiative: Barriers and Development Paths for Global Logistics NetworksNitsche, Benjamin-
nitsche_benjamin.pdf.jpg2019Development of an assessment tool to control supply chain volatilityNitsche, Benjamin-
logistics-05-00086.pdf.jpg6-Dec-2021Digital Supply Chain Twins—Conceptual Clarification, Use Cases and BenefitsGerlach, Benno; Zarnitz, Simon; Nitsche, Benjamin; Straube, Frank-
sustainability-13-02208-v2.pdf.jpg18-Feb-2021Embracing the Potentials of Intermodal Transport in Ethiopia: Strategies to Facilitate Export-Led GrowthNitsche, Benjamin-
logistics-05-00051-v3.pdf.jpg3-Aug-2021Exploring the Potentials of Automation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Paving the Way for Autonomous Supply ChainsNitsche, Benjamin-
Carvalho_etal.pdf.jpg2012Genome-wide expression analysis upon constitutive activation of the HacA bZIP transcription factor in Aspergillus niger reveals a coordinated cellular response to counteract ER stressCarvalho, Neuza; Jorgensen, Thomas; Arentshorst, Mark; Nitsche, Benjamin; Hondel, Cees A. M. J. J. van den; Archer, David; Ram, Arthur-
navigating_international-supply_chain.pdf.jpg2019Navigating international supply chainsNitsche, Benjamin; Verhoeven, Peter; Lengeling, Joel CedricStraube, Frank
logistics-04-00005-v2.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2020Overcoming Barriers in Supply Chain Analytics—Investigating Measures in LSCM OrganizationsHerden, Tino T.; Nitsche, Benjamin; Gerlach, Benno-
durach_nitsche.pdf.jpg2016Successfully managing challenges in German-Chinese logistics networksDurach, Christian F.; Nitsche, BenjaminStraube, Frank
Nitsche_2018.pdf.jpg2018Unravelling the Complexity of Supply Chain Volatility ManagementNitsche, Benjamin-
Schäpe et al. 2018.pdf.jpg2018Updating genome annotation for the microbial cell factory Aspergillus niger using gene co-expression networksSchäpe, Paul; Kwon, Min Jin; Baumann, Birgit; Gutschmann, Björn; Jung, Sascha; Lenz, Swantje; Nitsche, Benjamin; Paege, Norman; Schütze, Tabea; Cairns, Timothy C.; Meyer, Vera-
zukunftstrends_lebensmittellogistik.pdf.jpg2016Zukunftstrends in der Lebensmittellogistik – Herausforderungen und LösungsimpulseNitsche, Benjamin; Figiel, AnnaStraube, Frank