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Löffler_etal_Chances_2022.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2021Chances and barriers for Germany's low carbon transition - Quantifying uncertainties in key influential factorsLöffler, Konstantin; Burandt, Thorsten; Hainsch, Karlo; Oei, Pao-Yu; Seehaus, Frederik; Wejda, Felix-
erl_16_11_113003.pdf.jpg21-Oct-2021Coal transitions—part 1: a systematic map and review of case study learnings from regional, national, and local coal phase-out experiencesDiluiso, Francesca; Walk, Paula; Manych, Niccolò; Cerutti, Nicola; Chipiga, Vladislav; Workman, Annabelle; Ayas, Ceren; Cui, Ryna Yiyun; Cui, Diyang; Song, Kaihui; Banisch, Lucy A.; Moretti, Nikolaj; Callaghan, Max W.; Clarke, Leon; Creutzig, Felix; Hilaire, Jérôme; Jotzo, Frank; Kalkuhl, Matthias; Lamb, William F.; Löschel, Andreas; Müller-Hansen, Finn; Nemet, Gregory F.; Oei, Pao-Yu; Sovacool, Benjamin K.; Steckel, Jan C.; Thomas, Sebastian; Wiseman, John; Minx, Jan C.-
Burandt_etal_Decarbonizing_2019.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2019Decarbonizing China’s energy system – Modeling the transformation of the electricity, transportation, heat, and industrial sectorsBurandt, Thorsten; Xiong, Bobby; Löffler, Konstantin; Oei, Pao-Yu-
2017_loeffler_etal.pdf.jpg2017Designing a model for the global energy system—GENeSYS-MODLöffler, Konstantin; Hainsch, Karlo; Burandt, Thorsten; Oei, Pao-Yu; Kemfert, Claudia; Hirschhausen, Christian von-
sustainability-11-05991.pdf.jpg28-Oct-2019Economic Resilience of German Lignite Regions in TransitionStognief, Nora; Walk, Paula; Schöttker, Oliver; Oei, Pao-Yu-
energies-11-03001-v2.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2018Exploring Energy Pathways for the Low-Carbon Transformation in India—A Model-Based AnalysisLawrenz, Linus; Xiong, Bobby; Lorenz, Luise; Krumm, Alexandra; Hosenfeld, Hans; Burandt, Thorsten; Löffler, Konstantin; Oei, Pao-Yu; Hirschhausen, Christian von-
Oei_etal_Lessons_2020.pdf.jpg28-Nov-2019Lessons from Germany’s hard coal mining phase-out: policies and transition from 1950 to 2018Oei, Pao-Yu; Brauers, Hanna; Herpich, Philipp-
Löffler_etal_Modeling_2019.pdf.jpg16-Nov-2019Modeling the low-carbon transition of the European energy system - A quantitative assessment of the stranded assets problemLöffler, Konstantin; Burandt, Thorsten; Hainsch, Karlo; Oei, Pao-Yu-
Brauers_Oei_political_2020.pdf.jpg29-Jul-2020The political economy of coal in Poland: Drivers and barriers for a shift away from fossil fuelsBrauers, Hanna; Oei, Pao-Yu-
energies-13-02041-v2.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2020Scenarios for Coal-Exit in Germany—A Model-Based Analysis and Implications in the European ContextKittel, Martin; Göke, Leonard; Kemfert, Claudia; Oei, Pao-Yu; Hirschhausen, Christian von-
energies-14-05985-v2.pdf.jpg21-Sep-2021Strengthening Gender Justice in a Just Transition: A Research Agenda Based on a Systematic Map of Gender in Coal TransitionsWalk, Paula; Braunger, Isabell; Semb, Josephine; Brodtmann, Carolin; Oei, Pao-Yu; Kemfert, Claudia-
applsci-09-02437.pdf.jpg14-Jun-2019Transporting and Storing High-Level Nuclear Waste in the U.S.—Insights from a Mathematical ModelWegel, Sebastian; Czempinski, Victoria; Oei, Pao-Yu; Wealer, Ben-