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Feng_etal_Activation_2020.pdf.jpg16-Dec-2020Activation of the Si–B interelement bond related to catalysisFeng, Jian-Jun; Mao, Wenbin; Zhang, Liangliang; Oestreich, Martin-
ANIE_ANIE202017157.pdf.jpg26-Jan-2021At Long Last: The Me3Si Group as a Masked AlcoholRoy, Avijit; Oestreich, Martin-
ANGE_ANGE202016664.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2021Aufeinanderfolgende β,β′‐selektive C(sp3)‐H‐Silylierung von tertiären Aminen mit Dihydrosilanen katalysiert durch B(C6F5)3Fang, Huaquan; Xie, Kaixue; Kemper, Sebastian; Oestreich, Martin-
ANIE_ANIE201916004.pdf.jpg10-Mar-2020Autocatalytic Carbonyl Arylation through In Situ Release of Aryl Nucleophiles from N‐Aryl‐N′‐SilyldiazenesChauvier, Clément; Finck, Lucie; Irran, Elisabeth; Oestreich, Martin-
xue_oestreich_2020.pdf.jpg9-Jul-2020Beyond Carbon: Enantioselective and Enantiospecific Reactions with Catalytically Generated Boryl- and Silylcopper IntermediatesXue, Weichao; Oestreich, Martin-
c3cc38900f.pdf.jpg2013Catalytic dehydrogenative Si-N coupling of pyrroles, indoles, carbazoles as well as anilines with hydrosilanes without added baseKönigs, C. David F.; Müller, Maria F.; Aiguabella, Nuria; Klare, Hendrik F. T.; Oestreich, Martin-
Wu_et_al-2019-Angewandte_Chemie_IE.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2019Catalytic difunctionalization of unactivated alkenes with unreactive hexamethyldisilane through regeneration of silylium ionsWu, Qian; Roy, Avijit; Irran, Elisabeth; Qu, Zheng-Wang; Grimme, Stefan; Klare, Hendrik F. T.; Oestreich, Martin-
Pommerening_et_al-2019-European_Journal_of_Organic_Chemistry.pdf.jpg14-Nov-2019Chiral Modification of the Tetrakis(pentafluorophenyl)borate Anion with Myrtanyl GroupsPommerening, Phillip; Oestreich, Martin-
ANIE_ANIE202016664.pdf.jpg3-Mar-2021Consecutive β,β′‐Selective C(sp3)−H Silylation of Tertiary Amines with Dihydrosilanes Catalyzed by B(C6F5)3Fang, Huaquan; Xie, Kaixue; Kemper, Sebastian; Oestreich, Martin-
Zhang_et_al-2019-Chemistry.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2019Copper‐Catalyzed Enantio‐ and Diastereoselective Addition of Silicon Nucleophiles to 3,3‐Disubstituted CyclopropenesZhang, Liangliang; Oestreich, Martin-
c7sc01657c.pdf.jpg2017Cyclohexa-1,4-dienes in transition-metal-free ionic transfer processesKeess, Sebastian; Oestreich, Martin-
Fang_etal_Defunctionalisation_2020.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2020Defunctionalisation catalysed by boron Lewis acidsFang, Huaquan; Oestreich, Martin-
ANIE_ANIE202010484.pdf.jpg27-Oct-2020Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Alcohols by Enantioselective Silylation Enabled by Two Orthogonal Transition‐Metal CatalystsSeliger, Jan; Oestreich, Martin-
ANIE_ANIE202203347.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2022Intermolecular Carbosilylation of α‐Olefins with C(sp3)−C(sp) Bond Formation Involving Silylium‐Ion RegenerationHe, Tao; Qu, Zheng‐Wang; Klare, Hendrik F. T.; Grimme, Stefan; Oestreich, Martin-
ANGE_ANGE201911282.pdf.jpg23-Oct-2019Katalytische Difunktionalisierung von nichtaktivierten Alkenen mit reaktionsträgem Hexamethyldisilan durch Neubildung von SilyliumionenWu, Qian; Roy, Avijit; Irran, Elisabeth; Qu, Zheng‐Wang; Grimme, Stefan; Klare, Hendrik F. T.; Oestreich, Martin-
Walker_et_al-2019-Angewandte_Chemie_IE.pdf.jpg12-Sep-2019Lewis acid catalyzed transfer hydromethallylation for the construction of quaternary carbon centersWalker, Johannes C. L.; Oestreich, Martin-
ANGE_ANGE201909852.pdf.jpg23-Sep-2019Lewis Säure‐katalysierte Transferhydromethallylierung für den Aufbau quartärer KohlenstoffzentrenWalker, Johannes C. L.; Oestreich, Martin-
Feng_etal_Ligand_2019.pdf.jpg20-Aug-2019Ligand-controlled diastereodivergent, enantio- and regioselective copper-catalyzed hydroxyalkylboration of 1,3-dienes with ketonesFeng, Jian-Jun; Xu, Yan; Oestreich, Martin-
c5sc01035g.pdf.jpg2015Mechanism of the cooperative Si-H bond activation at Ru-S bondsStahl, Timo; Hrobárik, Peter; Königs, C. David F.; Ohki, Yasuhiro; Tatsumi, Kazuyuki; Kemper, Sebastian; Kaupp, Martin; Klare, Hendrik F. T.; Oestreich, Martin-
Weidkamp_Metal-free_2022.pdf.jpg20-Dec-2021Metal-free transfer hydrochlorination of internal C–C triple bonds with a bicyclo[3.1.0]hexane-based surrogate releasing two molecules of hydrogen chlorideWeidkamp, Andreas J.; Oestreich, Martin-