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Wang_etal_Atmospheric_2021.pdf.jpg13-Jul-2021Atmospheric triggering conditions and climatic disposition of landslides in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan at the beginning of the 21st centuryWang, Xun; Otto, Marco; Scherer, Dieter-
atmosphere-11-00500-v2.pdf.jpg13-May-2020How Cool Are Allotment Gardens? A Case Study of Nocturnal Air Temperature Differences in Berlin, GermanyRost, Annemarie Tabea; Liste, Victoria; Seidel, Corinna; Matscheroth, Lea; Otto, Marco; Meier, Fred; Fenner, Daniel-
Fenner_etal_Intra_2017.pdf.jpg24-Sep-2017Intra and inter ‘local climate zone’ variability of air temperature as observed by crowdsourced citizen weather stations in Berlin, GermanyFenner, Daniel; Meier, Fred; Bechtel, Benjamin; Otto, Marco; Scherer, Dieter-
urbansci-01-00015-v2.pdf.jpg9-May-2017Quality of Crowdsourced Data on Urban Morphology—The Human Influence Experiment (HUMINEX)Bechtel, Benjamin; Demuzere, Matthias; Sismanidis, Panagiotis; Fenner, Daniel; Brousse, Oscar; Beck, Christoph; Van Coillie, Frieke; Conrad, Olaf; Keramitsoglou, Iphigenia; Middel, Ariane; Mills, Gerald; Niyogi, Dev; Otto, Marco; See, Linda; Verdonck, Marie-Leen-
Wang_etal_Sensitivity_2021.pdf.jpg11-Aug-2021Sensitivity of water balance in the Qaidam Basin to the mid-Pliocene climateWang, Xun; Schmidt, Benjamin; Otto, Marco; Ehlers, Todd A.; Mutz, Sebastian G.; Botsyun, Svetlana; Scherer, Dieter-
JOC_JOC6686.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2020WRF‐based dynamical downscaling of ERA5 reanalysis data for High Mountain Asia: Towards a new version of the High Asia Refined analysisWang, Xun; Tolksdorf, Vanessa; Otto, Marco; Scherer, Dieter-