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Habicht_etal_Acoustic_2021.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2021Acoustic modes in a plenum downstream of a multitube pulse detonation combustorHabicht, Fabian; Yücel, Fatma Cansu; Haghdoost, Mohammad Rezay; Oberleithner, Kilian; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
Perez-Becker_etal_Active_2021.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2021Active flap control with the trailing edge flap hinge moment as a sensor: using it to estimate local blade inflow conditions and to reduce extreme blade loads and deflectionsPerez-Becker, Sebastian; Marten, David; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
Sieber_etal_Advanced_2017.pdf.jpg13-Sep-2016Advanced identification of coherent structures inswirl-stabilized combustorsSieber, Moritz; Paschereit, Christian Oliver; Oberleithner, Kilian-
JPCS_1618_5_052070.pdf.jpg2020Advances Toward a Lightweight, Variable Fidelity Wake Simulation ToolSaverin, Joseph; Marten, David; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
Alber_etal_Aerodynamic_2020.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2020Aerodynamic effects of Gurney flaps on the rotor blades of a research wind turbineAlber, Jörg; Soto-Valle, Rodrigo; Manolesos, Marinos; Bartholomay, Sirko; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Schönlau, Marvin; Menzel, Christian; Paschereit, Christian Oliver; Twele, Joachim; Fortmann, Jens-
JPCS_753_8_082015.pdf.jpg2016Aeroelastic simulation of multi-MW wind turbines using a free vortex model coupled to a geometrically exact beam modelSaverin, Joseph; Peukert, Juliane; Marten, David; Pechlivanoglou, George; Paschereit, Christian Oliver; Greenblatt, David-
airfoil_in_high.pdf.jpg2016Airfoil in a high amplitude oscillating streamStrangfeld, Christoph; Müller-Vahl, Hanns; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver; Greenblatt, D.-
Tschepe_etal_Analysis_2019_Cover.pdf.jpg27-May-2019Analysis of moving model experiments in a towing tank for aerodynamic drag measurement of high-speed trainsTschepe, Jonathan; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
Yücel_etal_Autoignition_2020.pdf.jpg2-Oct-2020Autoignition in stratified mixtures for pressure gain combustionYücel, Fatma Cansu; Habicht, Fabian; Bohon, Myles D.; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
Lennie_etal_Cartographing_2020.pdf.jpg29-Jun-2020Cartographing dynamic stall with machine learningLennie, Matthew; Steenbuck, Johannes; Noack, Bernd R.; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
Jentzsch_etal_Challenges_2021.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2021Challenges and procedures for experiments with steady and unsteady model velocities in a water towing tankJentzsch, Marvin; Schmidt, Hanns -Joachim; Woszidlo, René; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
JPCS_2265_3_032002.pdf.jpg2022Comparison of different fidelity aerodynamic solvers on the IEA 10 MW turbine including novel tip extension geometriesBehrens de Luna, Robert; Marten, David; Barlas, T.; Horcas, S. G.; Ramos-García, N.; Li, A.; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
Yücel_etal_Controlled_2021.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2021Controlled autoignition in stratified mixturesYücel, Fatma Cansu; Habicht, Fabian; Arnold, Florian; King, Rudibert; Bohon, Myles; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
Soto-Valle_etal_Determination_2020.pdf.jpg22-Dec-2020Determination of the angle of attack on a research wind turbine rotor blade using surface pressure measurementsSoto-Valle, Rodrigo; Bartholomay, Sirko; Alber, Jörg; Manolesos, Marinos; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
tannenberger_etal_2017.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2017Development of a swirl-stabilized H2/O2 combustion system under humidified conditionsTanneberger, Tom; Schimek, Sebastian; Kossatz, Max; Paschereit, Christian Oliver; Stathopoulos, Panagiotis-
Bohon_etal_Dynamic_2020.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2020Dynamic mode decomposition analysis of rotating detonation wavesBohon, Myles D.; Orchini, Alessandro; Bluemner, Richard; Paschereit, Christian Oliver; Gutmark, Ephraim J.-
Humbert_etal_Effect_2021.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2021Effect of an azimuthal mean flow on the structure and stability of thermoacoustic modes in an annular combustor model with electroacoustic feedbackHumbert, Sylvain C.; Moeck, Jonas P.; Orchini, Alessandro; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
1-Sep-2020Experimental investigation of the aerodynamic drag of roof-mounted insulators for trainsTschepe, Jonathan; Maaß, Jörg-Torsten; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
bluemner-etal_ECM_2017.pdf.jpg2017Experimental investigations of mixing characteristics in model rotating detonation engine geometriesBlümner, Richard; Bohon, Myles D.; Gutmark, Ephraim J.; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-
dataDescription.pdf.jpg28-Sep-2018Experimental Three-Dimensional Velocity Data of a Sweeping Jet from a Fluidic OscillatorOstermann, Florian; Woszidlo, Rene; Nayeri, Christian Navid; Paschereit, Christian Oliver-